10 Things To Know About The Technology Industry

10 Things To Know About The Technology Industry

If you work in the tech industry, you probably know a little bit about this. If you don’t, you may be confused by the recent buzz around artificial intelligence and machine learning, as well as other terms like cloud computing and big data that

In both cases, these 10 things to know about the tech industry will help you better understand what’s happening in the changing world of technology and its impact for your career and your company. What is the meaning of this?

Technical jobs are well paid.

Tech jobs are often overpaying, especially for entry-level positions. According to the online payroll database scale, the top 100 of the highest-paying jobs in the U.S. are in tech.

For example, Oracle gives its enrolment-level software engineers $74,500 and Google’s listing-level software engineer median salary is $102,100.

The more skill and experience you gain in your field, generally speaking (and in most industries), the higher your salary will be.

The characters are very diverse.

The tech industry employs an amazing range of professionals and it’s often hard to explain who is and isn’t a tech professional.

You are thinking, I have no technical skills! But that couldn’t be true — you haven’t been asked to use them yet.

The good news is that employers are looking for people with a wide range of skills including sales, marketing, customer service, management, writing, web development and more.

As long as you can prove you can do your job at a high level  even if it’s not strictly tech roll you shouldn’t care what other people think. Take advantage of your uniqueness!

Culture is also different.

While many of us in Silicon Valley may perceive that as a tech, there are more women in tech than in any other field unheard of decades ago.

In Silicon Valley, they represent more than 55 percent of the workers and are part of 25 percent of founders. And don’t be fooled by the stereotypes that suggest that most people working in tech are young: age diversity is part of what makes tech so special.

At Facebook, about 30 percent of all employees are over 40, and about half are either under 29 years old or between 30 and 39 years old.

Depending on where you are, there are many opportunities.

If you’re in a large metropolitan area like San Francisco, Seattle, Boston or New York City, chances are there is a dynamic start-up community with many companies that need help.

But if you aren’t lucky enough to live in the Start up Hub, don’t worry. The fact is that start-ups of all sizes and geographies need employees with your expertise.

For example, in my company we work with both hyper growth start ups and more established/established businesses looking for new services to change and innovate their teams.

It doesn’t matter where you live or what kind of company needs your expertise: Making yourself visible by gaining an active presence on LinkedIn can easily lead to an opportunity!

You do not need coding skills to get started..

Technology made is possible  almost  to anyone start a career in technology. Depending on your skills and interests, there are multiple entry points in various fields of software development.

For example, if you are detail-oriented, or enjoy problem-solving, working as a QA (Quality Assurance) tester is an option. The field requires patience and attention to detail and doesn’t involve any programming – so if you have no computer science experience, that shouldn’t stop you from getting started.

In fact, several popular companies like Google, Adobe, LinkedIn and Amazon offer internships for QA testing positions for students in school. Meaning coding knowledge is not necessary.

Some women shun technology because they fear it will not be welcomed or accepted.

Fear of being backward or being left out. Someone may have made fun of – colorful at the party. Maybe someone said some bullshit about fake geek girls on Twitter.

If you’re interested in tech, but worried it won’t be women-friendly, rest assured: it’s not. But before some of us move away from technology, let me tell you what it’s like and nothing like working in technology.

If this doesn’t convince you to join us, I’m sorry we have nothing more to discuss. Have a great day

Only 22% of the people working in computer related professions are women.

It’s no secret that there aren’t many women in tech. But here’s what you won’t know computer-related jobs are fewer women than in 1991.

[1] The number of women-led computing jobs is steadily decreasing as computer science education and literacy rates also decline. If we don’t do something soon, this percentage will only get worse in another ten years from now.

[ 2 ] We need to teach everyone especially young girls how computers work so they can one day make their own decisions on how they want to engage. with technology. Can we change these trends? Yes


Work / life balance is often thrown out of the window with these jobs.

As a friend of yours told me, it’s a nice job, but it’s not worth losing my life over. Here’s why, if you want to succeed in technology, you’ve got to be fully committed to it — 70 hours a week.

This means that once you work in a start up or tech company, your social and family life will hurt you’ll have to go out with friends on Friday nights or cut some on Sunday afternoon Consistently having to choose between.


Technology may sound scary at first, but it shouldn’t be.

Understanding how technology works can be intimidating but it doesn’t have to be.

Whether your cell phone needs a simple configuration change, or you need help recovering data from your iCloud account, there are plenty of online resources for everyone.

In fact, there are so many helpful answers that we want to share our top ten: It’s a great way to learn something new, acquire a new skill, or relatively without worrying about paying an expert or other service fee. Get help on an easy thing.

You must do some research first to find the most accurate and helpful advice for your specific issue.


Most importantly, do what makes you happy!

I was on a great track with my job for years, moving up in administration and making decent money. And then it struck me: I wasn’t true to myself. So, I decided to focus on my full-time (blogging and freelancing rather than sticking to a full-time career) not traditionally good jobs.

This has been so rewarding I am happier now working for someone else than I am, and my income is great too! If your passion is out of work in the , go for it! You don’t have to be sad to be wealthy. There are plenty of options for these days that allow you to make good money while doing things that really make you happy.

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