Alparslan Season 1 Episode 6 With Hindi Subtitles

Alparslan Season 1 Episode 6 With Hindi Subtitles

Alparslan Season 1 Episode 6 With Hindi Subtitles Before Argun dies I must see his sinister form. I should make fun of the hatred in your eyes. Then it will be my nephew Gazan’s turn. It won’t be that easy, sir. While the khan is elected I will buy all of the councillors one by one . There is no door that gold can’t open . Mongolian congressmen all greedy for each other. It’s hard to get their eyes fed, sir. If the Seljuk treasury is not enough there are Turkish tribes. If that’s not enough ..Christians.

I’ll collect the bribe gold from them,

which is necessary to become a khan . But that means more taxes, sir. Cerkutay begged to see you Geyhatu. bring it. I’m pretty sure the Kayis have a spy in the castle . First they raided the ammunition on the way. First, they raided the ammunition on the way. Then the soldiers I raided Söğüt came here Then they killed Söğüt in our home. In both cases, Osman was absent. Who do you think Ertuğrul commissioned for this job? Gunduz or Dundar? Who? There’s nothing wrong with both. Prosecutor. Prosecutor huh. Why did you laugh?

Ertuğrul’s two sons who are candidates to sit on his post two troublemakers.

Osman has no chance against the Prosecutor. The prosecutor is closer to his hide in Ertuğrul’s eyes. You’re wrong, Flatyos. Osman has something that the prosecutor does not have. What? You will learn. You’ll find out when you find the spy. Flatyos civilian, soldier whoever is in the fort get detailed information about them all. There’s only one thing you know about the spy that’s that he’s been in this castle long, long before Ertuğrul’s sons . Who can It Be? We will learn. I will train the soldiers myself. I will personally provide their training.

War is at hand war is at hand, Flatyos. Balgay’s dog Cerkutay

you came knowing that he was going to die. By your hand I have come to die with honor. Then die. One last time one last time let me serve you Let me give you information that is more valuable than my life . It ‘s more valuable than your life, huh. More precious than your life, Geyhatu. It’s more valuable than my life huh. What is it? Your son Möngke What happened to my son? Talk. Osman killed his nöker and kidnapped your son Möngke. I was wrong to belittle Osman. I will not allow my son to pay with his life with his life. He will not kill Möngke. How do you know?

He kidnapped Möngke because he was afraid of your anger.

So that’s how I think. It’s not my son it’s about my honor, my honor. Neither my son’s body nor alive can be returned. It’s just ..Osman will give me back my honor . If there is one it’s Osman. With the blood of Osman and his descendants I will cleanse my honor. Let me come with you. In my honor alone it will be cleared if I die for you. On top of that at my service like a commander put on clothes that’s it come. My Osman Bey My Ahmet Alp. shall we practice swordsmanship? Another time. Shall we wrestle? Taste my biceps. Tomorrow is the word.

Would you come next to our Ertuğrul Bey?

Yes. Osman Bey my father died. My Ahmet Alp fathers never die Ahmet. Do not forget this. They exist in their children like an unquenchable ember an inexhaustible gem always. I am Ahmet Alp. Osman. What happened to Osman Bey? It’s like crazy. I hope it is good. Good luck Lena. You came once, mashallah. No, Hazal Hatun? No, of course. My Ertuğrul Bey he took the alpine cap from Osman and gave it to Prosecutor Bey. The prosecutor strives for his obsession. He deserved it. Hazal Hatun?

Oh my gosh babes take care of your men.

And ..Let’s not deal with sibling rivalry in the camp. Anyway we’ve just found peace. Blackwind Blackwind flowing into the river flowing in its bed like a raging flood is it reva to say stop to the crazy colts running on the endless plains to not blow the blowing wind? Isn’t it a pity? Tell me Karayel. Is the blowing wind quiet? Crazy foals don’t run? Don’t raging rivers flow? Then why am I called stop? Then why is it called me to be quiet? Oh Karayel ah! I’m on fire. My heart is boiling. Patience. Patience. Are you okay? Come, come all.

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