Alparslan Season 1 Episode 7 With Hindi Subtitles

Alparslan Season 1 Episode 7 With Hindi Subtitles

Alparslan Season 1 Episode 7 With Hindi Subtitles I’m fine, I have nothing. Come take a breather. Nausea has increased for a long time. Maybe I’m pregnant. Masallah. Masallah. Does Mr. Prosecutor know? Not yet. He will be very happy. Doesn’t she like it? He keeps saying that the private part needs a lot of children so that his glory can be exalted. lena. I’m here, sir. Thanks. lena. But what will you say? It’s not that easy. Why? You’ve waited a long time. I don’t say it that easily. Make an effort yourself. If not, find a solution.

And look the people are talking that Bala Hatun will not have a baby.

Tomorrow and the next day they will enter Osman’s mind too. It’s the private part his patience runs out fast. You’ll see you’re sharing your tent with another chick. will you say? I will say. So come on. Just sit down, I’ll tell you my secret. It is not appropriate to sit on the post. Why? Won’t you sit down when the time comes? Nobody knows this. This is first of all God’s and then my father’s and gentlemen’s discretion. You have become the head of the Oban. We both know what will come next.

Don’t say that anyway. Oban’s principality you are worthy in

the eyes of your father and gentlemen. Only you, Prosecutor only you.  Now close your eyes. You can open it. Lena or else You gave me this necklace when I got pregnant with Mr. Hodja. I prayed every night that he would never take it off my neck to have a son. I will pray again. We will have another son, Prosecutor. A brain worthy of the Kayı tribe will have another son. Thank God. Selamun aleykum. And aleykükum my brother. Of course come. I have work to do.

With your permission. I was going to talk about Nikola, brother.

I have your ear bro. He is not behind the trap set for me. I wanted you to know. You talk like you don’t know about the ammunition incident, brother. They would burn the whole place down. He’s the one who bought Yavlak Arslan’s aide and set the trap for you. Why would you tell me this? You are the alpine head. I said take action. Will you advise me, Osman? Estagfurullah brother. Osman look at my brother.

Yiğitsin cengaversin but everything that goes through your mind is not correct.

Last year oba went through all kinds of hardships. With Emm Dayd, you couldn’t act with my brother. You’ve been on your head they’ve been tricked by the enemy. What is right bro? We came to the other oba. You won’t be as stubborn as last year nor will we let the enemy play tricks on us. If it wasn’t for my struggle last year we wouldn’t be talking in this room today, brother. Yesterday is yesterday today is today. From now on, everyone will know their limits.

It will be stopped when it is said to stop it

will be walked when told to walk, Osman. Who will decide that, brother? As my father Ertuğrul and as your older brother me. You’ve gotten used to my father’s office well. The post suits you very well very well. Don’t ..don’t accuse me. We don’t have eyes on the post, evelallah. What I see and hear is enough for me. Both the post and the office had a lot of fans.

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