Alparslan Season 1 Episode 8 With Hindi Subtitles

Alparslan Season 1 Episode 8 With Hindi Subtitles

Alparslan Season 1 Episode 8 With Hindi Subtitles Those who sat greedily was up in frustration. Come easy. Hands off, brother. Take your word back. Hands off, brother. Osman, I will not say it again. I said take your hand, brother. Please don’t hit me again. Limitless! Take back your word. I did nothing to take back my word. The blood will take the body, Davut Aga. Thank God my Ertugrul Bey is not here. My lion brother, mashallah my valiant! Your wrist is getting stronger day by day. My lion brother. be there. be present. Prosecutor mashallah you have added strength to your power.

My lion brother. My dear brother is my can. The post fight flared up.

be present. geyhatu. It’s not missing salt, is it? What’s the fuss, lady? We set a table for Ertuğrul Bey. The woman part makes heaven to her men with her table. He disappeared again while the table was being set in Bala Hatun. If it’s lost, it’s gone. What’s it to you? Did it fall on you? You mind your business. Sorry I’m late. All this burden is on you. What burden Bala Hatun? Our duty. You just arrived. We got you to work without breathing. All these years, I carried the burden of this tent. Get comfortable.

Besides how is Mr. Osman? Has he calmed down?

Osman Bey is in good spirits. He will be busy with the work of the tribe and rest. Last year, my valiant could not sleep because of running from that war to that war. Oh thank goodness. The table is ready, sir. Well done, my girls. Bismillahirrahmanirrahim. Enjoy your meal. Bismillahirrahmanirrahim. What’s up? With the white of your forehead you prevented the spread of the plague in Söğüt. Is that why you’re in a good mood? We get good news both from Söğüt and from İnegöl Castle, sir. My nephew said that he threw the castle like a cotton ball. Evelallah. The opposite of the slap he hit was still ringing in their faces.

The sound of whipping was not missing from İnegöl Castle until the morning.

Nikola was infuriated. My alpine head my valiant son, Prosecutor. In the tempering of iron you showed Nikola how it was forged. Nikola did he go after unrighteousness after this slap he received. Thank god. Our other tribe is in good hands. Our Ertuğrul Bey is at our head our gentlemen on his duty. Now it’s time for everyone to hold on to their duties more than ever before. Not only their lords, alps women too.

The order is yours, sir. Goodbye, my father? What do you know that we don’t?

I heard that Geyhatu set out with his army. He was coming to burn and destroy Söğüt to dry up the lineage of Kayılar. In a few days the sound of the chirping of the birds becomes inaudible Evelallah, as we did with Balgay and Subutay We know how to put Geyhatu in his place, my father. Until Pusat speaks out its valor is in its sheath it’s time to know how to contain it, Osman. And yet his tongue is as sharp as his pusat to send an emissary to Geyhatu.

But I will give this task to the Prosecutor. Let the Prosecutor set off soon before the sun rises. Your order is on my head, sir.If you’ll excuse me I aspire to the task, my father. I know that all of the gentlemen who are at this table will fulfill their duty with heads in the armchair.

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