Alparslan Season 1 Episode 9 With Hindi Subtitles

Alparslan Season 1 Episode 9 With Hindi Subtitles

Alparslan Season 1 Episode 9 With Hindi Subtitles even if yu are at this hur, my sn, I will see them when they wear them Inshallah I hope Balta I hope they bring it very right Be nice, this is a lady, she’s fine, Zehra, she’s been gne a lt these days, but I’ll pass and there is time, hahah, she shouldn’t teach yu at all. Why d yu think yu’re in a situatin, sable, but they’re missing yur lve fr two years?. N, is it smething else, is it a gd thing?

get well and healthy my brther rhan I hpe

he will g t us yu will let us knw belw I will g I will g Let’s see if yur brther will be a girl r a by Granny gives incme r smething t this person Thank gd he’s cming , we did it n behalf f yu Cme n girl thank gd , it cmes t me ften, because it’s very dear I hpe it’s very ht water Eser which Cme n be with me Hı hı schl pray I’m bred Cme n N mnths later nw yu’ll keep it g if this nur ges after sman, let him bring him t me alive r dead I will message yu [Music ] In such a hell f the Russian sldiers, yu came at this time. Every Way , I cracked a little bit until

Hwever, he thinks that he presented the murderer t sman,

nt t the state. Yu g after a clth. my brther frm eternity drama has a price in betrayal, when yu see a mistake, I will bring his head t a museum, what will I d ? funny which.hat Burhan paints r will I cme ut f there ? we will wrap this memry drink this cmes ut and that’s it very nice br me sman yur brain He turned his back and left tday he left me t my past, blind mercy he he he Bye bye brther , prepare these little nes. and take these acids t health and thrw them where they deserve like la lay seats yes cme n Leb

Yes yes it is true like this right als there is speed arund here are they clse just like this,

I ‘m sman. I’ll be fine, yu will be patient with me, my daughter will pass, f curse, yu will hld n nw, try, try , what did I say, , , this will be difficult, it will be very difficult Wait 13, ask the frces why g and prepare sherbet fr the bat, he knws what t d, run t the surce Bring her , she had a daughter, I’ll thrw mney at her, I waited, I waited, I waited, if sman was here , my sman will cme, yu will take yur child tgether, I hpe that vmiting will happen t ur annying child. he will be stubbrn like his father ha ha ha f f Allah Allah hu ha ugh friends Cme n bye yu can’t stand the apartment br 23 suggestin Cme n friends have yu upladed Gd aunt Esra, she is slw, d yu have it, yes, cme n,

stay calm, br, yu can leave at least, all f yu have a right first.

This flag is nt yur salvatin. But these are rebel dgs. Whever has a lve fr ‘s will never be free, neither his mther, nr his chicks, nr his children Understd, I ask yu t like it , thank yu [Applause] it Ya shut up hu ha ha ha Thank yu brther, Gd bless yu, there is an uncle, press friends, Ahmet Kaya salt, but bviusly there is a trap, but it cannt stp us, a famus persn, we will be alive, we are sure, uncle, when this is far frm us n ur way, will I give it t yu ?

news Kaya Ww I ‘m ut f pain with the key my daughter stp it,

yu think it will g away huh here I am here this mving grandfather t me this s sleep came early, there was still time, nw the baby is in place, it seems like it wn’t be easy, yu were brn, may Allah make it easier fr me, Gd willing, let Bala Hatun hear s that yu dn’t be afraid . Cme n, t yur gd thughts is the biggest, but t this mment. This is Ms. and dn’t like me, bear with me, my daughter ey Zehra , it’s as if she’s calm between me. Music] Yu are gd, I hpe Aysem, g and see, let’s see , is Aa sman nw r better, my daughter, , what happens here, Betül alemşah, this malhun chick is a welcme t Knya’s vizier,

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