Alparslan Season 2 Episode 1 In Hindi Subtitles

Alparslan Season 2 In Hindi Subtitles By MakkitvAlparslan Season 2 Episode 1 In Hindi Subtitles

Alparslan Season 2 Episode 1 In Hindi Subtitles Who will be the chieftain here when I join the Kayi Tribe? I must resolve that first. I will accept Ertuğrul Bey’s invitation. alparslan season 2 trailer And do what is necessary afterwards. Thank God we came through all that trouble, Bey. Thank God indeed. Why did you bother, mother? I could have poured it. Pouring sherbet for my son who just returned from war is hardly a bother. Here, Son.  united as one and defeated the cruel souls. Son.

Alparslan Season 2 Episode 1 In Hindi Subtitles

Our home is now in harmony. Our tribe, alparslan season 2 trailer 1 in urdu our tents were happy, but we are happier with you. Thank God. Thank God. Welcome, Son. Mother. Now I can see two of my sons defeating the cruel together, praise be! What more could a mother wish for? Come, Son, let me pour your sherbet. Let me do it, mother. alparslan season 2 episode 1 Thank you, Selcan. We swore to be worthy of you and the blood our ancestors shed for us, Mother. For as long as Allah places obstacles in our path,

we will take down many more cruel men.

We will go through many more hellish flames, to hopefully come to rest by your side, and drink this cold sherbet. I hope so, Son. Selcan, alparslan season 2 episode 1 in urdu dear. Have the women prepare the cauldrons and bring flour. Let us prepare halvah to celebrate our victory. Very well, mother. Excuse us. – See you later. – Right, Mother. The gold Berke Han sent us went across the Byzantine border. That’s quite all right. If they had gone through Anatolia, the Mongols could have ambushed them. –

That’s still a possibility How? There’s a Mongolian spy

close to Berke Han. The spy must have warned the Mongols that the gold would come. The Mongols could set a trap to prevent the gold from reaching us. alparslan season 2 episode 28 in urdu The document we found in Torumtay’s clothes states that the delivery location is the Fox Valley. Be careful. Yes, Brother, don’t you worry. That valley is vulnerable to ambushes. alparslan season 2 trailer in urdu We use this seal to communicate with Berke Han. When the men bringing the gold see this seal, they will know. Brother, the gold is of utmost importance.

We will send it all to the Turkmen tribes in Anatolia.

We need it to buy the necessary horses and weapons. If something happens to that gold, Turkmen tribes will be in danger. And we will lose Berke Han’s trust. alparslan season 2 release date I’m aware of all this, Brother. Don’t worry about it. I know it just looks like some gold from the outside, but I understand that it’s vital for the ultimate battle. And with Allah’s help, I won’t let that gold be destroyed. I will depart to meet Berke Han tomorrow. It’s the last and hardest path ahead of us, before we can will light the fire for war. We carry the prayers of a whole nation, and face treacherous traps, cliffs,

Endless seas However we made an oath.

To give hope by destroying the traps, alparslan season 2 episode 28 by climbing the mountains and by crossing the seas. We will light up Anatolia with the fire in our hands. Enough, Savcı. – This soup was delicious. – Thank you, uncle. May it give you health. Amen. If you weren’t here, I have no idea who would cook for me. – I appreciate it. alparslan season 2 episode 27 in urdu  Don’t mention it, uncle. Every child in the tribe thinks of you as their uncle.  May I enter, Turgut Bey? Come in, master. Don’t trouble yourself, Turgut Bey. Rest.

I just wanted to see you and see how you were doing.

I’m fine, master. Thank you They said you didn’t leave my side. Just like how it was in my dream… you really were beside me. I really appreciate it. I hope your dream is a good omen. – Amen. Amen. I hope it is, too. I was in heaven or something. There were clear springs, and flowers everywhere. And then, I saw you. You were planting roses. When I asked what it was for,

you said it was for our martyrs. And then you told

me about martyrdom. God bless. What a nice dream. May it be a blessing from Allah. Amen. May Allah give us a life in good faith, and martyrdom at the end. – Amen. alparslan season 2 episode 1 in urdu subtitles Amen. I think about thousands of our martyrs when I utter the word. However, I don’t know why, but I remember a particular one. I remembered many glorious stories, but also a poor martyr that lived when the prophet Muhammad was alive. Tell us about him, master. Who was it? A young man. Sa’d as-Sülemi.

He had a dark skin That’s why he was sad.

His Holiness Sa’d goes to see… our prophet Muhammad one day. He’s deep in thought, and a bit sad. He asks thus, “O prophet, would the color of my face prevent me from getting into heaven?” Our prophet Muhammad responds, alparslan season 2 new trailer I swear on the all-powerful Allah that if you show reverence to Allah and stay on the path of his messenger, none of this shall prevent you from going to heaven.” His Holiness Sa’d bared his soul to the prophet Muhammad. He spoke thus, “Then,

Alparslan Season 2 Episode 1 In Hindi Subtitles

Why doesn’t anybody give me the hand of their daughter?” And the prophet Muhammad answered thus, “Go to the house of Amr ibn Vehb. Tell him that I greet him and want him to give his daughter to you in marriage.” His Holiness Sa’d went to see Amr ibn Vehb at once, as the prophet Muhammad had said. He delivered the prophet Muhammad’s words. Amr wanted to think about it. He said, “Let us discuss it, and we will give you our answer later.” However, his daughter said, “If the prophet saw it, then I see it too. We don’t have to discuss it, Father.” Thus, Amr agreed to him

marrying his daughter. His Holiness Sa’d started

the preparations for the wedding. alparslan season 2 episode 2 in urdu When he went to the shopping district to buy presents for his wife, he heard something. The crier of the prophet suddenly called his subjects to fight against the enemy that sieged the Muslims. His Holiness Sa’d, who had been looking forward to marrying for years, and had at last realized that wish, was confused. Should he stay with his wife and live a nice life, or take up his sword and fight? alparslan season 2 episode 26 in urdu Fighting with all his might, his Holiness Sa’d jumped

off the horse, rolled up his sleeves, and continued fighting on foot. At last, his Holiness Sa’d fell as a martyr. The prophet discovered his lifeless body. In a sad tone, he said to those around him: “Take Sa’d’s sword, his spear, and his horse and hand them to the poor woman who wanted to marry him. And tell her father that the man he refused as a husband for  alparslan season 2 episode 2 his daughter because of his skin tone is now married to the houris in heaven.” Martyrdom is a holy position. But to reach it, one must live a worthy life. His Holiness Sa’d rose above selfishness and dedicated himself to the way of Allah.

And Allah provided him with the best martyrdom.

He attained the good word of the prophet Muhammad. May Allah… help us live our lives in that way, and bless us with martyrdom on his righteous path. – Amen. – Amen. Wait over there, Temüge. Come then, my doe. Did you come to show off your strength? Sit. As I lifted my head, which I had never bowed before, and gazed at the Sky God, I saw dark clouds over great mountains. I threw bone marrow into the fire and asked the spirits what this vision means. They said it was the anguish of a great doe grieving over a dead brother. Do you want to take revenge that much?

Just like the fire that needs air to grow in strength,

revenge is what I need. My beating chest… will only be soothed when I’ve avenged my brother. I will give you the opportunity to avenge him. Don’t worry. How will you do that? For us Mongols, comrades are no mere stranger met on the road. Albastı was a true comrade to us. It’s a matter of honor for us to avenge him. And don’t you forget, Sırma Hatun. A Mongol only lives for his honor. And how will you do that? Ertuğrul controls the whole region. He has beaten and incapacitated all of his enemies.

Ertuğrul is nothing but some margrave being spoiled

by the imbeciles here. The bag on a Mongol’s horse contains the heads of many chieftains, and even khans. Everybody shall witness the might of the Mongols. I sent for the commander in Konya already. They will march to Söğüt and show the enemy how mighty the Mongols are. I don’t care what you do to Söğüt. I want to avenge my brother. And I know what I need to do.

And what might that be There will be a ceremony

soon at the camp. If I get to choose the new chieftain rather than my sister, we will be able to do anything we want. A passionate woman sets the whole world ablaze. I like you, my doe. Your duty is to remove your sister from the seat of chieftain. Obviously we need chiefdoms that carry the torch for us. But it won’t be easy. Everyone swore allegiance to my sister. Plus,

Alparslan Season 2 Episode 1 In Hindi Subtitles

And those who were loyal to my brother… have lost their nerve after what happened recently. We must set them on fire first. And I know how to do that. How is that? Gold. You really are Albastı’s sister. You know that everything has a price, be it things or people. Temüge, prepare a chest of gold at once.

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