Alparslan Season 2 Episode 33 In Hindi Subtitles

Alparslan Season 2 Episode 33 In Hindi SubtitlesAlparslan Season 2 Episode 33 In Hindi Subtitles

Alparslan Season 2 Episode 33 In Hindi Subtitles We will continue to protect this negligence all the time so that our way of conquests In the east and west, the praises are being developed. In the possession of a hand with confidential information, there will be power reins. The source of temptation in our lands is this place. However, there is a way to the homeland.

Tell me, how is Ophelia’s condition

There is a mismatch of his father’s murder. But I don’t know if he has a hand in it all. It doesn’t matter. Olov and the emperor want his body. It is important to keep it with you. On his way to the city of Anne, he will take it along to find out if he is guilty or innocent. Holy, the princess has been with me for a long time. If I ask my opinion, he is not a tyrant, he is a traitor. No,

it’s not time to trust the one who sees or heard.

If only the one seen had to trust, when would Oktam’s neck have been cut off. We have decorated in the same row. Together they have fought the infidels. And now they are entering me in Zandan. If a Turkmen stumbles, we fall because of it. Our sorrow and sorrow are Sanjha. However, it is our responsibility to raise the word of justice.

People still run away from your imprisonment.

And you are throwing long in front of me. Now there is no court girl capable of trusting here, Boran. Oktam Sahib, all evidence and witnesses are against you . Yet we are very respectful of you. But you should also remember your limit and location . I’m really thinking about the rumors wrapped up in my pundits. I will bear these allegations. You have also been paid to these false allegations.


So we will clean our hands with the blood of the accusers.

First you will be exposed to innocence. I’m listening and I don’t understand. My heart is getting sad with the scenes that look like mugger. Not to say: every evil is good, Jerkotai. I wish I was your place then, my brother. Don’t hear a word. Soldiers, can’t be completed without food and horses. Brother, you can’t really hear.

Or any games with me, playing You can’t really hear.

How did this wound؟ Mugar is not in pain. What’s hard, before. Nothing happened in so many wars. You know. Now what to tell again is Olgen Woman ؟ Wait, I make yachy, I’ll have a big advantage. Migrar is still suffering from you. What are you seeing like Holy؟ This item called love is a test. Either you will love.

Or both will love each other Mager will face a variety of problems

this time. Love puts us on the gonad. I have decided in Magar, Olgen Woman. On this rocky rope. The blood of the legs will continue until the blood is laden. Masha, keep going, be easy, be happy. Mugger tell me this first. Stayed in the tribe for so long. My name no longer comes to his tongue. The spark of love has risen in the heart of All Chechek.

Migris will already have to be taken. Will this be the case with the city of Anne in your absence؟ All soldiers have been added. The number of soldiers has been increased in Zandan. Now there will be nothing like this, these shouts

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