Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 1 In Hindi Subtitles

Barbarossa Season 2 In Hindi SubtitlesBarbaroslar Season 1 Episode 1 In Hindi Subtitles

Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 1 In Hindi Subtitles Due to the burning, they will not sit down. Together they will attack Brother John. All together. nephew. Enagol Arrive. As the captive commander of the catjak, tell them:. In exchange for Nicola, I want Anagol Fort. The order that sir. Where is David the teacher؟ Inside, sir, the soldiers are taking care of. Shabash. My brave grandmother.

She told us about Grandpa Artigher Ghazi and Grandma,

Halima. His love was so great Really. Love each other so much؟ much more. Seljan Grandma told us the day before going to bed. Wonder. I wish I could hear too. Grandma, Halima Kalee, Grandpa, Artigher Ghazi, opposed everyone. They did not save the infidels and brought them to their father. How, didn’t fear anyone؟ May even be brave؟ My grandfather Artgiri.

He has been the best fighters since childhood.

No inner enemy was defeated. Nor external. Yes, Grandma piled up in front of Halima. Yes, Grandpa Arthigral went hunting deer. And Grandma, fell in love with Hailima. And Grandma Halima also dealt with them until the last breath. What a wonderful love. You are the story of their love, the saints of Seljan Grandma, the sanctuary. She was told in a very different way. My brave grandmother. Pritzo. Pritzo. The Uthman Sahib tribe has come. They too with huge hunting.


Nicola has been taken captive Someone can stand

in front of my father, good! Now this Nicola will be taken into account hard. So come on, right away, the tribes arrive. Shabash. David’s teacher is injured. Move them to the healing box with the soldiers. Anagol Fort Wait, who are you؟ To talk about commandant Nicola. What’s the matter, who sent it؟ I am the commandant of the catjak. Usman has arrested commandant Nicola. Bao Tao Kaila sent me.

I have to talk to a big commander What how did it happen

Come with me. What made of Nicola؟ Fagah؟ The letter was destroyed؟ Are you the highest commander؟ Who is asking؟ This was the highest commander. Not only of Anagol but also the largest commander of Rome. I don’t think Arius. Something that sounds like my bravery. There is a painful cry of dying human beings . Who are you؟ Alexander is one of the commanders arrested by Usman. Alexander. How long has Rome’s high command begun to be imprisoned؟ Must die. Have skills, young commander.

It was good that he escaped death Tell me now Nicola.

Destroyed the letter. Mager climbed Usman’s hand. Now he is in possession, wounded. Usman wants to run away with you guys. That’s why I was sent. Usman. Why have you sent؟ Why do you trust؟ Have been saved from imprisonment. They could have escaped comfortably coming, yes. Any Turks, can trust us sir! Usman did not trust me. Alexander is a loyal commander to his soldiers.

The commanders are not loyal to their soldiers.

Soldiers are loyal to their commander.  What does Usman want in exchange for Nicola؟ In return for Anagol, whether Nicola. If you guys hand over the fort. First Blajik. Now Anagol. There is no reason to be angry with the defeat of the Romans.

Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 1 In Hindi Subtitles

So Nicola managed it. Do you think that will stop Usman؟ That’s not enough, he’ll set up a new settlement. And Nicola. I can’t allow that. You can be a guest in our castle. Be kind sir. Hopefully you will find a way to the freedom of Nicola and the soldiers. Any soldier.

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