Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 11 In Hindi Subtitles

Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 4 In Hindi SubtitlesBarbaroslar Season 1 Episode 11 In Hindi Subtitles

Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 11 In Hindi Subtitles Orhan assured. Masha Allah, my brave princess. I knew you would leave the track. Today I will only go. Imposed on my race.  My loved ones shed blood. Can’t snatch anything from me. Death will be saved for you. Mager will not get rid of me so easily.

Will not survive so easily Anagol got from you.

Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 11 In Hindi Subtitles Anagol is now owned by the Turks. And the Islamic flag will be hoisted in Anagol’s visode. Usman will die in the castle, and his women and sons will die in the woods. Look at the dead soldiers lying on earth well. If any of you made a mistake. So it will be like them. Whose dogs are these؟ He said something؟ But there was another person who led them. He ran away when you came. You saved the Qai soldiers from poison. Masha Allah Brave Batu! This is Holofira’s skill, Aunt Sylvie.

If you didn’t tell us if it knew it. May Allah protect us.

One million thanks. Protect yourself, ladies. Protect children. Above! Ok you؟ We have caught him, atheism. Arrived at a very reasonable time. Kill everyone except Salvi, Mager. Sylvie’s hair is also baka, so the doer will not leave it alive. Usman Sahib got Anagol. It was in my destiny to bring you the good news. The news has been reported by the soldiers. Usman Sahib conquered Anagol. Hi Mashallah, O’athman Sahib! – Lakh is thank you. – Lakh million thanks.


You have more news than the number of good newsrs,

sir. Above! We have to stain your wound. Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 11 In Hindi Subtitles Immediately see it, they go to Anagol as soon as possible. Aladdinuddin must have delivered the news to them; O’athman will be concerned. We have to wrap them in leather. Whatever is necessary, Kogras, Komral Abdal. What to bring me؟ What do i have to do؟ We have done our best right now. When the wounds are fine. So they will wrap them in leather, these shauddings. We’ve met now, Dad. Ok ok؟ Don’t go so fast.

Your father is a powerful and tolerant man.

May Allah be healed soon with the permission of the Almighty. And keep up the good content؟ Yes, these are great dirty sir. Wounds will be healed and filled. Will be fine soon, these shaunds. Will you be fine, isn’t it Comral Abdal؟ In Shawallah Eagle Sister! Now Oranhan and women are in danger. The bastards took advantage of the opportunity to win. Don’t worry, my arms.

Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 11 In Hindi Subtitles

I don’t care, atheism. Baba has taught me to go through all kinds of suffering. The effort is from us and Tawfiq Allah Almighty. We will follow them. Usman is visiting. Long live Usman Sahib! Long live Usman How to tell the chief the news, Torgot Sahib؟ Gandoz Sahib on one side and Orhan on the other. They should be aware, Boran. After all, you will know. Take him to Zandan. Which, of course, made your video an overnight sensation! I know the way. Son! What is your job here

Congratulations, Usman Sahib! We have come to witness

your victory, Baba. It’s not that important, I’m fine. Always be victorious, before. Everyone is visible. Mager brother John did not look. Aq Timor is not visible. The condition of the dirty sir is not well. Their wound is dangerous, Mr. Usman. What are you saying؟ Where are they؟ Harman Kaya Fortress How can one be؟ No god.. The second God is none. The second is not the Lord. Sir! Commander Romanos has come Want to meet you. Will not wait for the emperor’s greatest commander.

Usman went a big trick and deceived us. Anagol is in the hands

of the dirty Usman, understand, Kosis It’s a shame for Rome. What is Rome’s will remain in Rome, Romania. You know this very well. I know something else, Kos. If you hadn’t given Usman too much discount. And the hand of friendship with him would not have increased. So when would he be over. Everything was just a show. We grew up together.

You know me well, Romance You can’t kill a shepherd

by bringing three or five people ( by chance. With his greed, Rome’s head was reduced. Raised the hand of friendship with the enemy. You are well aware that I do not express my friendship with any Turks without interests. Prove that your interests do not conflict with the interests of Rome. This problem must be solved, Kos. But we must choose our movement very carefully, brother. If Usman was lightened, it would be as if we showed our weakness. Usman is a dangerous man.

Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 11 In Hindi Subtitles

The method is yours or mine, it doesn’t matter. We will take back Anagol from Usman. Of course, the emperor’s ambassador for the ceasefire must have come out. Will be about to arrive. Currently hide your sword, Romanos. I will defeat him in my way. Trick compared to trick. What’s in your mind, Kos؟ First welcome the emperor’s ambassador. Then we will talk. Opening eyes. Baba opened his eyes. Said no: these are great dirty sir. Many forts will be conquered now.

Don’t leave us so easily Got Enagol We Got it, Dad.

Got thanks to you, thank you for a million. We got Anagol. And our son is with us right. Now if death comes, it won’t be sad. How is it, sir؟ Now you will see our son’s wedding. My brother conquered Anagol Fort. May I be in bad condition؟ How is their condition These Shawallah will be fine soon, sir. You know I trust you.. Brother John, you have trust. Brother John! Now you relax. Tung is over, sir. Healing is from God Almighty, Mr. Gandoz. Soon you will stand on your feet, these shaunts.

We will treat the soldiers here We will still be in this

fort until Brother John stands up. Shabash! I testify that Muhammad ( Saqaliah is the Messenger of Allah )! – Rome is big, Caesar is big. – Come on in prayer! You created a lot of ideas in the ranks of enemies. Always protect us compared to enemies. Conquest us with enemies, Yarbi! Don’t let our calls be quiet, Yarbi! Don’t let our flag be the secret,

Yarby! Accept our prayer! O Sakininin Enagol! Now the Turks have become a homeland. We did not come here to be hostile to you. Didn’t come here to oppress.

Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 10 In Hindi Subtitles

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