Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 13 In Hindi Subtitles

Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 4 In Hindi SubtitlesBarbaroslar Season 1 Episode 13 In Hindi Subtitles

Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 13 In Hindi Subtitles I wanted to leave her as a memorial to you. I knew I would take very care of. Of course, your trust is my trust. Mager, I have to give you something as a monument. Give it if you get out of here. They will survive. Abu and Amy will follow us. Can you get here؟ Dagger, can you get a dagger؟ Damn, they’re running away. The body of our wounds, Cala Nicola, can be ointment, sir. We’ll see, listen. Have courage, dare. There are also traces. These are rope marks. There are rope marks everywhere.

Can you be Orhan؟ Correctly said the lady.

Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 13 In Hindi Subtitles Signs are growing. It seems that these traces have been made by the prince. My wise son knew we would come. Thankfully we are on the right track. I will find my sister, our prince will meet. Absolutely sister, of course. There is also a sign. Dare my son. The mother will not allow you to be in the possession of the oppressors. Come on, hurry up. You think, with a little gold. Leaving your fort and running away؟ I’m not a man like that. I have two holy targets. And the other revenge on you.

I have lost my fort. You don’t even understand that

you will earn a lot. I’ve got Anagol. It’s your turn. I have also got a lot from you, Mr. Usman. Your soldier, your dear. Your older brother, remember؟ In the presence of the king and the Sultan, the two promised. He said: I will kill you with my hands. And I will fulfill my promise. Just a little more patience hologfira! We are going to the way to come. I have left the mark along the way. Must have been searched. You are very intelligent, Orhan. My brother may have sent help. Hide behind me.


You were told no don’t run again Can’t engage with you anymore.

Said no: We will save us. I knew you guys would come, mother. Thanks son, million million thanks. Fool, you can’t take care of two children. Should be careful to choose your men. Finding children has not been good at all. Now all responsibility is on your shoulders. Don’t be, is it؟ Were scared in the beginning. Mager was later convinced of your arrival. Our shadow is evil.

Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 13 In Hindi Subtitles

They will say they continue to spend, share, and keep giving to the poor. But Allah knows their hearts and intentions, He will do their intentions to all. He spent his money not to please Allah but to listen to his generosity. They will also be ordered to crawl the mouth bills and send them to hell. We seek refuge in Allah from the hypocrisy of the self ( Rihilation, Pretend of ). Logo! ( Pretend of ) Hypocrisy is such a dirty thing. The one who follows it is deprived of being a lot of good.

Faith begins here. Acts are complete here. Intention is

always born here. No one can hide their intention from Allah. Because the owners of hearts are Mr. Haq ( Allah ). Every land on which we took our steps. And every war in which our blood shed.. This is our goal to get the consent of Allah. If we go to war to please him, these Shaw Allah will be Muzaffar ( Fateh ). How are you؟ Have serious injuries؟ We have stripped of the wounds and there are no severe wounds. Divide the drink in all. They need power to get up.

Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 13 In Hindi Subtitles

Turks do not like to settle with oppression, Romanos. I see that you still love them very much. Don’t say: I love them so much. Rather, I know them closely, Romanos It is good to know your enemy closely. Usman Sahib is waiting for you and the ambassador. Hi Mashallah, my Bahadro! Don’t be different from your ancestors. Be safe, my children! Be safe. Hologfira! You be safe too, my beautiful daughter.

Saved the lives of my soldiers. With your help,

he easily took over the fort. In fact, I am grateful to you, Mr. Usman. You saved my life for the second, third time. Until Brother John is well, we will stay here. Malhoun, take care of Brother John regularly. Above! As the head of the sisters, Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 13 In Hindi Subtitles

you deserve congratulations. Eagle and the sisters made our work easier. Fight alongside the soldiers. Thanks to Usman Sahib, but he should be staged not because of me but on the bill of his faith.

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