Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 16 In Hindi Subtitles

Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 4 In Hindi SubtitlesBarbaroslar Season 1 Episode 16 In Hindi Subtitles

Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 16 In Hindi Subtitles Tell them: no innocent hair will be baka. Usman Sahib, revenge for the innocent is now in your hand. Breathe that the heart swings happily. Nicola will not escape. The love of the great Jesus Christ surrounds us, don’t be afraid. And you know that the Turks also occupied the catjak. Mager didn’t tell anyone there . Turks, with them, come with great love and sincerity with Christians living in Sughut.

We did not raise the sword they would have come to

We Turks do not harm any innocent. In front of those who hurt the oppressed, the cessation stands as a ploy wall. You are the same commander who saved me from violence. Mercy should have understood from heart. I am not a Roman commander. Be abandoned. Mugger don’t worry. As long as Usman Sahib, the Islamic flag on these walls will continue to be waving. No harm will be done or there will be no fear of souls. Will be able to live with honor.

Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 16 In Hindi Subtitles

many sins are more dangerous than the sword. Gandoz Sahib is injured Ayesha Woman. Right now, the infidels have to be imposed on the countless fasels, like wolves. Why didn’t the healing box take؟ Jerkotai, I’m talking to you. Why are they still here؟ Kommral Abdal says: Don’t pick up the person who fell from height. Tell me, we’ve told Ayesha Sister, they’re on the way.

Gray, how to fall Come down from the wall.

I’m here in the dirty. Look, sir, this is our son. I couldn’t save the dirty sir. -Ah Jerkotai, stupid Jerkotai – don’t say that. Don’t say, don’t say that. Courage, you will take it from here. Take the first wounded to the healer. Despite being an enemy, there are human beings. Take the fort, kill us too. Why not be the enemy who is brave in front of us, do not oppress him.


We have come to punish the oppressors.

Will also punish Sahi in Shaullah. Usman Sahib, Nicola will punish. Now you are our prisoner. Let’s know if we don’t be hostile. So we will also be merciful. No trace found all the way, what to do now These will save Allah and Harhan. In Shallah my sister, in God. Malhon lady, Bala woman.

Looks like the night is spent here We will move on

from that side.  Maybe they’ll have gone that way. Or do we want to separate us؟ No, it’s my fault.  Say sister Esam, how could you know it all happened we couldn’t recognize. Don’t know what this tyrant does. It is important to look both sides.

Tochlo gets butt in two parts. That’s right- said lady,

that’s what will be better. Spahio, you guys come with me. Sister, let’s go, we’ll get out of here. It’s hard to walk, you have to get horses. First they have to find a place to hide. Usman knows about the caves like his palm. Just relax, the teacher walks at the entrance to Arius. That necklace was very important to you.

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