Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 17 In Hindi Subtitles

Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 4 In Hindi SubtitlesBarbaroslar Season 1 Episode 17 In Hindi Subtitles

Will get the fort, and you won’t leave it in such a situation. Jerkotai is not here. Sir, sir, there are bakhirat, aren’t you؟ Mr. Gandoz. Sahib, dirty sir. No infidel can survive. Destroy and destroy the Fisels. Ok dirty sir؟ Stay alive, live, live. I am familiar with the back of going in. O great Jesus, by our help. Forgiveness of your sins is the first person to be crucified. Now the city is asking for a price because of Nicola. O Holy Spirit, O Father, O Son.

Don’t punish the fools of the fortified Nicola.

Save yourself, the Turks have reached everywhere. Nicola must have set a lot of guards at the door. Now every act of Nicola is useless. Nothing will be able to. We have so far come through countless difficulties. Shabash Bahadro, Shabash. No one will come in the door. Brother, in our destiny, we wrote to fight shoulder to shoulder. Now move towards martyrdom. Thankfully,

victory and truth are on the way Break the door together.

Sir Timor, look there is no secret path. Where will anyone go from their own fort, Mr. Torgot؟ There will be a way, this humiliation will have made a way to escape. Can’t run anywhere. You have been with him for a long time. Know everything. Mager is unfamiliar with some things. And they also kept those things secret. You were their right hand. Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 16 In Hindi Subtitles

Those people were seemingly brave and strong hearts.

Mugar was really cowardly. And that’s what they hid well. There is no secret tunnel everywhere that is used when needed. He has to find it before Nicola escapes. Yes, these people are so cowardly. They also make a way to run under their throne. Sir, Anagol has been acquired . Soldiers from the Faisal and the gates, like a flood, are moving to Amde. One million thanks to Allah.


Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 17 In Hindi Subtitles

They will also get and stay. You stay here and see the situation of peace. Don’t do that, Mr. Usman. Will go alone behind Nicola, while we don’t even know how she has become a trap؟ The good news soldiers will go with me. Sir Timor! Collect the people of Anagol. What will these wolves do؟ I’m listening, listening to the sound of their footsteps. I’m ready. Come on. Of course, they came.

Home of those who come to friendship..

And there is a tomb for the hostilities. This land. There is no other decision of lions tied to the oppressors. People like you who breathe are oppressed. The tyrant’s end is written to be with the sword of justice. It’s time. Or Allah! Usman Sahib! If your show is over, I want to go to Constantinople. About the war you started. no. Stop the particle. Stop the particle.

Don’t go empty hands Give the emperor a gift from me.

Usman! Your war with the fortifications is over. Now. The war has begun with the kingdom that governs the whole world. Anagol is ours now. But. Shusha is also ours in the east. -Gainje Sahib – Sir! Take a lot of soldiers with you. And set up an emerald there. So that they can know the state we will establish for the world system. As your order sir! This land belongs to either the Turks or not to anyone.

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