Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 18 In Hindi Subtitles

Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 4 In Hindi SubtitlesBarbaroslar Season 1 Episode 18 In Hindi Subtitles

Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 18 In Hindi Subtitles Your caravan will be protected until Swaghot. We are responsible for your safety. The real Sharaf is to be with you on this table, Torgut. Sir. However, now it should move beyond that. Come on, start your point where you stopped. You entered the anagol with the muslin ( door breaking device ) even though the oil was being dropped on your head.

And the Gandoz brother put his life in his eyes

was martyred to take our anagul. And of course ⁇ a lot of other soldiers. Thanks to them also ( it all became possible ). Well, we got the fort, sir. But one step is determined by our blood and souls. You have heard a lot about the Sahib and his praises, A. Timur. Your father was the worthy son of his ancestors. In fact, I’m curious about the emperor, when Nicola’s head reaches him.

You are not afraid of the wrath of the emperor

It is wise to do something like that؟ There is no khaw in the hearts of Usman Sahib and his followers. Rather, they cause khov. We have sent Nicola’s head to those who stand in our way. So that there is a lesson for the worlds. It is impossible to build victories with Khawov. It is wise to establish a victory with Khawov؟ Cowards come to Khov. The workers do not come to the eye.


Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 18 In Hindi Subtitles

There are brave people who stood behind them, believed them and liked their invitation. Anyone who resorts to mountains. He creates a vast house without boundaries. Usman’s power is growing with a day. And those who participate in this invitation with them are lined up behind them. Be safe, sir. What is it؟ Or have there been an argument among you؟ Bala mother. Sick, Baba. Tell me

What happened to your mother The mother is in the tent,

Baba. Their condition does not look well. The food tent was fainted. Mother and other women are with them. I see, you guys stay here. Don’t be afraid, my brother. Our mother will have nothing. Don’t look right, O’athman! He has a medical place.  Shaan God will be fine soon. Continued women practiced a lot. And today I was very tired of the dining room for the guests.

Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 18 In Hindi Subtitles

Will be here in the evening. Of course, it will be better than the prayer of the above. So go in and see him come to China. He should not wake up yet. Tell me if anything. Baba! How is the mother؟ Your mother is fine, and will get better soon. The upper mother is strong; Nothing will happen to them. Women are the head of soldiers. He is strong, strong. Mager is tired of his face.

I’m afraid they won’t go anything Mothers also get sick.

You guys see, when they go through disease and fatigue, it’s like nothing happened. And then we stand behind us like a mountain. Signs are made of birds like ( Nacab birds, their feet of soil. When there are children praying like this with mothers. So they won’t have anything. Mothers take strength from their batts (Hammit). Baba! We got the catjak and the anagol.

Of course, got it. Got it, thank God Almighty. Thank God Almighty, Magar Bursa؟ When will we get boredom؟

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