Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 19 In Hindi Subtitles

Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 4 In Hindi SubtitlesBarbaroslar Season 1 Episode 19 In Hindi Subtitles

Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 19 In Hindi Subtitles Now tell me, who am I؟ Are you afraid of me؟ Yes, Usman will also be from me. In the past, Usman has acquired the area around the city of Ani from the emperor. Now Annie will target the city. Usman’s goals are bigger than ages, Romanos. That’s how to sit. You are a big commander, you will be careful. With the city of Usman Anne, he will change it in the cantonment.

Will surround your soldiers. And then Yant will target the part.

Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 19 In Hindi Subtitles There will also hunt your soldiers. Will it all be enough to stop Usman؟ Usman, the flag of victories is the fluttering flag. It’s hard to beat him in the battlefield. We will tear it to pieces. And the war will end before the beginning. Come on, eat our food and enjoy the taste. So when you find out about targeting Usman’s, don’t get dizzy and fall. Bursa is far from you.

Bursa’s victory will be difficult your Ley Uthman.

The flower of the milling flowers before time wither. Strong-rooted, even open in the most severe cold. Of course, it will take many years to take the siege. I also know something else in the mugger. That the child of the horse born in Anagol will be irrigated by the waters of Bursa. Sooner or later for me, there is nothing. Yes, travel is difficult and only people with strong hearts run on difficult trips.

Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 19 In Hindi Subtitles

These Turks who have become hurricanes and not been handled, then the inner front will open against you. Upcoming Turks are being hospitalityed in Anagol and Blajik. These people have been given housing there. It’s not enough. That’s why I’ll build a new homeland. And the siege of Bursa will use it as a cantonment. The incoming Turks will be settled there. By your flourishing, sorrow and suffering will also increase.


Where they are going, they are more big trouble.

The victory of Blajik and Anagol has shaken Constantinople. They are preparing armies. In addition, the surrounding Mongols are moving. Turkishans, caravans and villages are being attacked. We are ready to deal with all the problems.

The city of Anne must be conquered before the

arrival of the army. If we conquer the city of Anne, bring these people as much as we want to bring. For us, the Bursa path will open. Usman. The purpose of Allah is to beat our hearts. This will show us the way, keep our greatness safe and satisfied with the heart.

Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 19 In Hindi Subtitles

Whatever it is, the emperor is preparing a large army. This army should be ready, it should be. I will take some troops from this army to the city of Anne and Fort Fort Yant. If you are right, we have to create a great front. We will attack. Now that Usman has flourished.

So we’ll get a little cook, wound him.

Wisdom always shows the same way. Glad to have the same thinking. Included in the uprising in Solanesh, a contingent of Mongols is here. Living lays need to eat and drink. Let them stand against Usman. And exactly as you say, they will wound him to the wound. Mager Chuban is the head of the tribe and his son. The meeting is coming to the Kaili Qai tribe. Arthigral has great respect for Sahib and Usman Sahib.

Listening to bad news today Listen to the good news

again. Ali’s son Mustafa, does not work wisely. Rather, he walks on the words of his teacher Ahmed. Ahmed and I are both students of your unwanted, teacher Arius. Ahmed is with us, so is Mustafa in our fist. Mustafa is not currently the chief. This Mustafa will be so angry that he rises against his own father. When there are differences between Ali and Usman Sahiban.

So the chief will hand over his loyalty to Ali Sahib. Then the Battle of Usman Kelly will end before the beginning. On the arrival of the great army of the emperor. Usman will not have the power to compete.

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