Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 20 In Hindi Subtitles

Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 4 In Hindi SubtitlesBarbaroslar Season 1 Episode 20 In Hindi Subtitles

Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 20 In Hindi Subtitles So there is no room for error. Caution, caution and war. Whatever is necessary, do so, Mr. Usman. Migrar what to do with these Mongols؟ Attacks on caravans and villages, not even giving anyone a chance to breathe. That is, the troubles are being perpetrated on both sides of the East and the West. Jerkotai and Connor are chasing them. Where you meet, the calculation will be equal.

You will go to the city of Ni with Komral Abdal.

Take the most skilled people with you, even the best dervishes. The first hearts have to be conquered. Pastor Haristo will also go along. The order that sir. What heart is that will not be conquered by the Word of Allah! Will go and will 2 2 (Saiah of God). Our goal is the world. Magar alone Qai tribe, can’t bear this burden. Chuban Oghlo’s Ali Sahib, the meeting is visiting Kalay.

And even worthy of a great welcome As you want,

you will receive the same wonderful reception. So let’s go, everyone will take responsibility. As soon as I met Dad, he lost. You want not to get the pleasure of meeting, mother؟ Always sitting around the table and dreaming of gossip. Now you have. In your tribe, in your homeland. Mager is left to be a sense when you hear your voice. Somewhere the martyr has a son, keep the neck of the tan. See me.

I stand with all courage and pride Didn’t shed a tear

from the eyes. Is only one of your husband who is martyred؟ I was my father, my father. My only cure is your voice. And you’re depriving me of it. I will be calling you mother. You mother will talk. Let’s come too. Will the enemy face it like that؟ Will not talk mom؟ When will my funeral arrive in the tribe؟ Spahio, Shabash, walks to Usman Sahib. You have been told, not romance.


That we have both read from Teacher Arius.

It is our dagger on the neck. Barkin, dear friend. Nor did Ahat Snya Di Ahmed come. That’s what a man should be like. Forget your name Mager never forgot what he learned. If the son of Ali the chief of Chuban Oglo has been trained like this. So he will be as dangerous as you. He runs anger, not blood in his veins. It is very easy to control or train such a person. Ali’s calmness, Ali’s anger, raises.

Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 20 In Hindi Subtitles

are over the abandonment of the Qai tribe. That is, it has reached out to be part of our game. If Usman could strangle Sahib, he would have been not thrown into the blood so far. I would suggest staying here. Mustafa should be provoked a little. So he will please his father. The great Roman army and a Turkmen chief, will burn between the fire on both sides and become ashes. And this most dangerous fire.

Extremely intelligent Mongol will start. It has also started.

Humiliated Mongols cut our way. Destroyed all the goods. You guys, how did you guys survive؟ These Mongols do not leave anyone alive after the attack. Your soldier, Usman Sahib. Arrived at a very reasonable time. When would we have died if they weren’t. The Mongols ran to see them. Your soldiers have been chased. Come on, we arrive too. Tell them to raise the sword on the oppressed. What happened to Jerkotai, tell me. During the pursuit of the Mongols.

I realized something strange The signs brought us here,

sir. There were ten and fifteen people, sir. When we were attacked, they ran away with the luggage. Pursued and killed everyone. Nothing of traders allowed them to stay. This mall should be distributed to people. Their losses should be met. The wounded should be taken to the healing box. Thank you, Usman, Lord, for your safety. Under my rule, no one can exercise the right of anyone else.

Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 20 In Hindi Subtitles

if the hemorrhage of any of my people is blown away. We are kind to you, Mr. Usman. That is, these humiliations are around here . Connor, you reach Torgut Sahib with Aq Timor. You continue to pursue these Mongols. I will reverse their world, them. The face looks very tired. Keep working with the morning call, I said stop, Magger didn’t listen to me at all. When it fainted,

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