Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 23 In Hindi Subtitles

Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 4 In Hindi SubtitlesBarbaroslar Season 1 Episode 23 In Hindi Subtitles

Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 23 In Hindi Subtitles our women are both war and kitchen, experts. Alaja, to take care of the guest tents, no shortage. All have been prepared together with Zahra, there will be no shortage. Are there great days to come to congratulate Usman Sahib, Ali Sahib of the Great Chuban Oglo tribe. If the Chuban Oglo tribe gets the help, our new victories will increase our greatness.

This help is ready by the command of Allah.

Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 23 In Hindi Subtitles Malhoun Woman. After hearing the victory of Anagol at the hands of Usman Sahib, Ali Sahib’s language is tied to the bridge of praise. My princess daughter, great flour is knead. Above, don’t wait, take together. Be quiet for a long time. It’s not time to talk ؟ Don’t accumulate, bring water, hurry up. Breathing, breathing. Brother John, and Brother John.

Comfortable brother what happened Stay together

for a long time, now I remember. The good news is that Brother John, your family has come. Mager, it must be given to use the lovely dagger of your life. All right, brother, all right, now give it to Maktob. My life, brother John, this Legion. What happened, right؟ Her aunt is taking great care of her. It doesn’t have to be repeated. The tribe is reminded of very much.

He said that a few days will come again In the Lord

of the Father John, these sons. Anagol if there is a lake. So Bursa is the sea. It will not be easy to capture. Bursa and the siege of Aznick. Will ask for years. The first will occupy the caravans. Of the city, the aorta will cut the vein. By exploring the city’s most important places, they will take over. Mines, agriculture and everything. These will be our plans against them.


The emperor is preparing an army against us.

It is intended to get us out of this region. Bravery must be the closest to reality. We have the same arrow to throw. The defense will start the war. If we do not stop the invading army. So the Enagol, obtained from the sacrifice of brother John and the Bishmar martyrs. Will get out of our hand. And if we started retreating. We may also have to go back to the Qai tribe.

Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 23 In Hindi Subtitles

They wounded my soldier. Baba! Will it remain without punishment؟ Your soldier crossed the literature, Ali. And when he was blindfolded, he tried to attack at the same time. We fell silent for being his guest or his words.. What is your stipend, Ahmed؟ Being like Mustafa؟ Will a person like you create chaos where we are guests؟ No need to explain.

Neither Torgot Sahib nor Connor Alp have their swords.

While your swords are ready in your hands. Sorry, sir!We didn’t want our host to be like that. Well, did you, Mr. Torgut. The invitation of the truth is to speak the bad language. He will find me before me. I have come to support Usman Sahib in this area. As they are proud of the Turks. If you see such insolence again. So my son was or my friend, his tears will never be seen. My heart feels cold if your hair is blown away. let’s go! Open your eyes, Shabash! Open your eyes.

Seeing you like this, Usman’s power begins to break.

Give me strength again, Baha. I didn’t have anything, I’m fine,” says Medicala. I’m so tired at the moment. My condition in Mutbach ( Kachin ). Flowers are falling in your eyes, what is your condition؟ I doubted it.. If the medical officer inspected, he was sure. We will have another son, Usman. I am in hope. What are you saying.

Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 23 In Hindi Subtitles

Our family will grow up! We will be more. One million thanks. Calm your heart, my princess. There is always good in something that looks bad. Your mother will be fine, hold the foot of prayer. I always pray anyway. At the moment I pray in my heart, say: My Lord! Heal my mother. Baba! Will the mother not come to eat

Sit down, Aladdinuddin! Sit down.  Sheikh Dear! Beware! The good news is your lee.

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