Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 25 In Hindi Subtitles

Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 4 In Hindi SubtitlesBarbaroslar Season 1 Episode 25 In Hindi Subtitles

Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 25 In Hindi Subtitles Two months after Enagol’s victory The old days have returned, isn’t my sigh of eyes؟ The more loving one moves faster. Listening, what are we being told؟ Mager doesn’t know that in a journey of love. We are going to reach a long way, as wind. So look like Usman. Alaja is still powerful. Can beat the wind. Cariel stayed with me and suffered a lot. Migrar is now an althotan.

Altotan is also a very fast runner. It is well known

that where he gets his feet, that place becomes ours. When the dust comes from Alaja’s steps. So pray that it will be able to maintain its speed ⁇ Shaw Allah. Well, that’s it. So, Jerkoti. Catch Jerkoti. This weapon is giving you. You know, they weigh. And we need speed today. Rapid Kalaye weapons also took off Usman Sahib. Is the situation so serious؟ Serious, yes.

Very important. So we should keep quiet and give

the horses a chance to speak. Yes, he is not to stay without crossing the greensmiths in front. Al-Aja, don’t be embarrassed. Love travel flows as air. No one knows my heart better than you. Shabash, don’t blow my head. Alaja, if you stay behind, you will get lost in the dust. Shabash, and fast. No question should be raised about our love. Equestrian in the best way.


Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 25 In Hindi Subtitles

There has been a shortage of love to stay behind. Masha Allaah, Al-Tothan. Your hand has been made for a long time. Come on, let’s sit here. Absolutely Asahi. Our brothers, our fighters and our horses are all ( Magger. There is no power like home. My heart is full of love for children and the love of jihad. You guys are always standing behind me. May Allah keep you with you.

I have faced so much difficulties through your love.

All my strength is you. May Allah maintain the shadow of you and our children Usman. We will not do two four from the separation and then the sense of meeting. Come on so that no bone can be safe. And brave people can’t live long. Maybe he’s dead. Equestrian and wind competition has become a lot, sir. Mr. Torgot.

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