Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 26 In Hindi Subtitles

Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 4 In Hindi SubtitlesBarbaroslar Season 1 Episode 26 In Hindi Subtitles

Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 26 In Hindi Subtitles Manjani will target the walls. And the Sahib of Gandoz will continue to attack with patience. The Turks will attack with wrath. Will be dealt with by the faith of Allah. Anagol will definitely have our homeland. Mager don’t forget that. The bow’s trance is not a matter of breaking, the power of the arrow. Rather, there is a lot of arrows. As soon as the way is, I want to head the soldiers, sir.

The first entry is quickly defeated Because of this,

Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 26 In Hindi Subtitles after entering, you have to fight all the power against us. I want to join Connor if allowed. On the spils of Anagol, the blessed flag of the midwives, first of all we will wave. Anagol is in the wolf’s claws, can no longer be removed. Or build an empire or become a food of wild animals. Brothers, fill the enemy’s lap, with fire. Shabash my lion, come on.

Let’s light the lap of the infidels with fire.

Byzantine brave Spahio! Don’t grow your swords on the ground without dyed in the blood. Don’t guru, don’t turn on the ground without dyed your swords in the blood. Which fell, my sword will be red with his blood. Arrow! On the front side. Grove, castle kale, Rome kale.

We are not stubborn for no reason. You will also be heard of people. If the siege is long, we will take action accordingly. What are those measures, Usman Sahib؟ No one will come to help Anagol, sure I am.


You can stop the help from Aznek, with your corsiers.

The Quebec will remain in the area of the part – which is the order of Usman. Remember, who will run the help of the oppressor, he will turn to his death. Sir, you take over the area of the shares with your arms. Until Enagol becomes the Islamic land. We will not let anyone pass by giving our lives, Mr. Usman. Divide into two parts with your best parts. You and your soldiers handle the area of Adrenos.

And look at the area of the rest of the people.

Come on, leave before the sun rises. Travel is easy and happy jihad. Immediately send a message to Nicola. The fort is under siege, sir. Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 26 In Hindi Subtitles Must go to the castle of deliver the message Hussamuddin؟ From the red tree, take 20 steps to the left. Arrive in the right place and look at the fort. Seeing two flags take a place, throw this arrow there. My men will ambush here. As the explosions begin, we will surround them.

They will be stuck in the iron claws.

More than that, the declared place will be destroyed. Sir, it came from the spy there. Looks like your birds have delivered great news. The best news is that Romanos. Usman has set different tribes, in different places. So that important areas can be protected. In addition, your soldiers have sent with them. That is, romance, that where the host of Usman exists, safety arrangements are inadequate.

I ask my men to move immediately As soon as they meet,

the name of Usman will be attacked. As soon as the statement is occupied, all the manjani will set fire. Usman will not be able to do anything without Manjaniq. Also, he will have no place to hold an army. That is, I will go home in the fire on both sides.  As close to the spils of Usman and his soldiers.

I will find it difficult to get from the Khafi Valley

to the Karaso Valley. Take the braveest soldier with you. Go on your journey. Give me only three brave men. I will show you through them, the army of three thousand, and the army. Just don’t care about this man. These people met in the dust of our honor in the cat.

Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 26 In Hindi Subtitles

Allow me to go along It would be a matter of honor to die and kill you. O Allah that produces the earth and the sky. Our and the owners of everything, Allah. I want your refuge from the evil of the enemy. Everything is in your possession. Or Allah, your son, Lord Timor, his brother Usman and innocent nephews. And all the Turks did you. I give in strong shelter.

Protect you from their devils and enemies. Make Aq Timor one of the jihadists on his way. And always put it on the straight path.

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