Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 27 In Hindi Subtitles

Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 4 In Hindi SubtitlesBarbaroslar Season 1 Episode 27 In Hindi Subtitles

Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 27 In Hindi Subtitles Made a soldier worthy of Islam and your ancestors. Father’s own children’s prayer. The Prophet ( is like a prayer for his ummah of the Prophet ). Or Allah, I agree with my children. You also add it to your pleasure. According to your order, the guard soldiers have been sent away, sir. Your mind is on the side of Aq Timor, Holy Prophet؟ The point of offspring is different. Ever since I had children,

my gold has changed to wake up Hearts and brains

Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 27 In Hindi Subtitles are engaged there all the time. May Allah protect our children. They will be safe soon. Just get this anagol. So I will meet with Aq Timor and you will go to your children. Don’t worry sir. Qai Slutok must be taking care of his siblings. Tell me, what is your chest tightening؟ The excitement of victory is nothing more in my heart, Mr. Usman. My only prayer is that we remove these obstacles.

Brother John! Whatever your chest is tightened.

Then she is shining on your face. Tell me, tell me, Brother John! Of course ⁇ you are trying to hide the thing. How is it, I don’t know; He’s inside, Ottoman. Between all these devils. If anything happened to him؟ Don’t worry at all, Brother John! It won’t happen, brother John! Aq Timor is now like a wolf between them. No enemy can overcome his intelligence and beat him.

Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 27 In Hindi Subtitles

Which infidel can hit it with a sword؟ I will not be able to say “too” in the trouble, Mr. Usman. I understand your concern, Brother John! Baba Arthigler Ghazi was also concerned for us. He said: My sons are my most precious treasure. And then they handed us over to each other. I can forget that, Brother John؟ We used to say: You are two branches of the great tree. First Allah Almighty.And then they handed it to each other. Don’t worry at all, brother John.


Like we are the first God Almant and then each other’s trust.

Our Baba sold the seeds in this land. And these children of God, with the same courage and determination, ( advancing this mission ). Will rule the whole world. Be safe, Mr. Usman. We were born for jihad. Live for jihad. And the joy of the jam will be done with the lips.

Forgive me for your right Sorry brother.

Forgive your right too. Your arrival reminded me of Mari. And now your departure is painful for us. I am very sad. I’m very curious about Mari. I wish he could hear the story. From now on, this place is your home. If that place doesn’t like you and feels kneeling. So our door is always open to you. You also tell Marie. I know you’re looking for an Orhan brother. But he did not say goodbye.

Well in your way, Hologfera. I am your maman,

Aladdin. And would I also tell Orhan that: I am his maman؟ Definitely tell, Holofira! Your way is easy. We will go with the vehicles. The fighters were going to take him with the sisters. Today he and I take Malhon lady, Eagle. You take care of the women in the field of training. Practice them for jihad. So that when we need it, they are ready. It would be better to live in one’s tribe.

Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 27 In Hindi Subtitles

The children have you trust. We have our children and tribes. Women relax, then work. No, saying: Mager, they don’t want to rest, Malhoun woman. He says the war is like a marriage for the Qai tribe. Saying: We are not tired. Hi Masha Allah! Brave Qai women! Pray to Allah Almighty not to see any grief. Hope is done by the command of Allah Almighty. This war will end.

I can understand you very well I know you are worried

about Aq Timor. He is very brave; And his bravery is growing day by day. God will return to the right peace by the command of the Almighty. There are news from Aq Timor. Aq Timor is doing his scholarship in a good way. How did he deliver the letter, Usman Sahib

Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 27 In Hindi Subtitles

Commander Romanos will not like our delay at all. I would do a lot of things that don’t like romance, Marquis. According to my nephew, Lord Timor:. Romanos has taken his stationed soldiers and will attack us from the east. Nicola will leave the fort and shout at us.

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