Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 3 In Hindi Subtitles

Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 3 In Hindi SubtitlesBarbaroslar Season 1 Episode 3 In Hindi Subtitles

Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 3 In Hindi Subtitles The fruit of your hard work will multiply the victory. Shabash my Shiro, keep running hands. Oh, blacksmith, oh. Spahio. Protect the manjaniks. Gather swords. Burn, burn everything. everything. Mr. Blacksmith. Blacksmith, Mr. David. Is this so much prepared for me؟ Very happy. These men, these swords. See. Everything burned. What will you do now, yes؟ Burned Nikola. Burned. Are you familiar with the bird of the head؟ We are also Turks. With the blessing of the light of Islam in the hearts.

They will rise from a pile of burnt ashes, al-Hamad Lulah.

Hello Nicola. Hello. You will burn in the fire of the end. I don’t like stories, so on. Migrar, you Turkmen people. I love stories. And you are very talking. Shabash. Shabash. Be cursed. Depends. Also went. Dude, it will also go to the commandant Vasilyas. And Enagol too. I don’t understand that. To the Turks, who has been stopped؟ The siege will never be. Because everything will be destroyed and ruined. And these people will not be able to succeed. Planning is being made sir.


Will be attacked That is these people are very confident.

Where else did you know؟ Jerkoti. Sir. Just kill Aq Timor. And then take it to the tent. The order that sir. Shabash. Masha Allah. We arrived. a fool Ok i’m fine. You go after this humiliation. Can’t leave you alone. I am here my brother, Shabash. These wounds can’t spoil anything of mine. You go behind this humiliation. -Shabash my brother – Shabash. Shabash Azu. I am going after Mr. included. Follow Mr.

Nicola Bring it to me The order that sir Mr. has hunted a lot.

Nicola has come to our possession, so know that Enagol’s victory is no longer far away. Commandant Nicola. The stories of his cruelty are very popular. Small. Mugger reverses man’s stomach. Nicola didn’t hurt us less. Come on, follow the order, Shabash. The brothers worked hard. Everyone was lost. I’m so sad my brother. Now without seeing Nicola this situation.

Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 3 In Hindi Subtitles

Absolutely Or ran away from Usman Sahib؟ We have a prisoner. The soldiers are in possession. The tribes will reach with us. Why are the tribes taking Usman Sahib. Cut it around. Kill this humiliation. The tribe needs it alive. By acquiring Anagol Fort. I will free it. Will the victory be the Kalai Bhao Tao؟ We do not deserve to free our brothers from doing so. Usman Mr. We follow the purpose of blood, Mr. Torgot؟ We follow the purpose of the right path.

Getting Anagol Fort for a humiliated death can be more than anything.

Tell me a little؟ Correct. First Anagol. First Anagol. Forward. If not accepted.؟ So we will follow the path described by the Sahib of Torgot. Travel on this path We have the power of Usman Sahib؟ Everything has been found in the soil. Many people have been martyred. Years of hard work. Swords were prepared day and night of the conquest. The souls of all remain very populated. Magger. Migran will not let their hard work go. Absolutely. Absolutely.

Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 3 In Hindi Subtitles

My children..My children. Or Rabbi, thank you or Rabbi. He looked at his son with these worldly eyes. My children. Just let see. Wassal is close. Mother, Magger will have to be patient at the moment. I know son. Stone has been placed on the heart for years. I know. Why is the son standing. Come sit down, come out. Come sit down, prepare food. And thirst would be so thirst. Bring syrup, yes؟ Mother. Must go, in the tent of the prisoners. No way, just come. Just come, let’s sit down.

Come sit down My prayers are with you.

May Allah be your helper. Be victorious with Usman Sahib. Your tribe, to return to your mother, right؟ Mother. Masha Allah.Mashallah Have grown up. Masha Allah. Kezel tribe Thankfully, Usman Sahib survived. And you escaped negligence like the occupation of the swagot. Thankfully, thank you,

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