Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 30 In Hindi Subtitles

Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 4 In Hindi SubtitlesBarbaroslar Season 1 Episode 30 In Hindi Subtitles

Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 30 In Hindi Subtitles Didn’t see this day. David was made a will to the teacher. I can’t see the victory, at least my weapon must be used. It should be used in the first war. The brave’s bones are dusted. Mager remains his name. It will be done. It will be the same as you want. This is the name of the Akcha Shepherd. Nothing could be found in front of him. O Lord! Save us from the wrath of the Turks.

Save the stupidity of the Roman rulers. Welcome to hell,

Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 30 In Hindi Subtitles Usman Sahib! Usman did not spend the slightest time attacking. I see Romanos! I see. Usman is just burning himself. He and his loved ones will burn like that. That when the fire is extinguished. Turks will only become ashes. Amy, Abu would have been allowed, so would we go with you, Kommral Abdal. We also walk and help the wounded Mujahideen.

While on the front of the soldiers staying here

for us is going through a heavy time. It’s our turn right now. And after us it will come your turn. When the above woman is the head of women, no woman’s arrow will be fired. Our sister, Sheikh Adibali, has grown in the shadow of the play. And when Malhon is accompanied by a woman. And now everything is about Eagle and women. Men will hand up in victory.


These will be their reach Allah His will be His

. Amant will hand over the soldiers. Hologfira will also leave tomorrow. You guys protected me.Be kind. Fatima, what are you doing here؟ Don’t eat and drink, you can’t stand the separation of people, so we brought him here, Malhoun woman. Welcome my dear daughter!, As soon as you eat it, you guys will suffer a painful death. The darkness will become prisoners.

Hurry up someone is coming Anger is so that

the mother’s daughter is coming, then I am completely satisfied. The desire for children is a unique thing. Now Usman Sahib and Barkin come back to the right safe. What a good job in such a short time. Shabash Azazo! Load in the car. They will take the time of dawn tomorrow and leave. I said that war is not a winner. Look, the defeat began.

Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 30 In Hindi Subtitles

Falling into this war was the biggest mistake. And sadly, this mistake is the fortified Nicola. That is what this war has started. What are you saying. Not defending the Turks at all. My brothers,

this war has been started by the fortified Nicola.

And now see how we are. If we do not have the power to fight the enemy. So we should open our arms, instead of fighting. I know if we raised the hand of friendship towards the Turks. So that’s what they guys will do. Their intentions are not to destroy us. Now that the fortified Nicola has started the war. So the results would be alone. We will not fight, we will make friends.

In the war that is defeated anyway,

Do you think he will get the fort and leave us؟ No, no, we won’t hand over the fort. By getting the fort, the fortified Nicola will kill you after killing you. Turkmen, don’t tell the person who doesn’t try to get rid of it. I know them better than you guys. That’s why the fortified are talking against Nicola؟ Our soldiers have been watching you for a long time. Your language, your lily is going to create a lot of trouble, Pastor. You,

Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 30 In Hindi Subtitles

No, it can’t happen . This is in your service, not a leaning army in front of anyone but you. Everyone has sides. All the Turks are the same men. King of the kings, Allah. You have this army, the Prophet Muhammad Mustafa ( peace of mind ). Make friends that the infidel, do not defeat this army of truth.

Conquest our army. The culprit of everything is the fortified Nicola, yes؟ No one hurt the city as much as Nicola. If they do not take up arms against the Turks, they will become friends.

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