Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 31 In Hindi Subtitles

Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 4 In Hindi SubtitlesBarbaroslar Season 1 Episode 31 In Hindi Subtitles

Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 31 In Hindi Subtitles We will not bow our heads in front of them, never. The arrows in our neck and the dagger will be attached to the breasts. Older and generations to their children. The bravery of the soldiers of this fort, Sharaf. And will tell the stories of the party. Mother, father and family. And their children, your, your. And maybe your name will be called.

I swear my honor. Of his castles, his city and his nation.

Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 31 In Hindi Subtitles I will protect until the last drops of blood. Rome is bigger than the Turks. And it will always be like that. Beware of Byzantine! Today, the names of the Turks will be removed from this land. The death of the Turks! Long live the great room! The death of the Turks!Long live the great room! We are well aware of the weaknesses of the walls. Until you are found in it, the days will be carried out overnight.

The rest of the manjani will continue to target the buzz.

Magger as we pass through these holes. No command car is to be on our side. You know, the Akcha shepherd worked hard. I was martyred in my lap. Mager Nicola is a tyrant. No one matters to him. You don’t even have people. You will regret your words, Pastor Hursto. Will kill me؟ Also, what can you do؟ I will see this rude pastor myself. The fortified Nicola didn’t like it, Pastor Hursto.


Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 31 In Hindi Subtitles

By the end of the war, the whole city would have died anyway. And instead of looking at Nicola in Anagol. I would love to live in Usman’s victory. Be aware of the mercy of him and his father. That is, it will take time for this pastor to come to the fore. Be quiet, pastor if you want to live. Otherwise, they will not survive. Shut up and wait. It’s better to know if you’re ignorant. Usman is attacking with full force.

Your fort is being destroyed and out of hand,

even if I can do nothing. My soldiers are waiting for the news outside and I’m stuck here. Looking at these soldiers, Romanos. Everyone is an expert in their work. These people will do safety work, you are not worried. Usman and his shepherds. Sorry for your birth. Be realistic Nicola, realistic. This is not a normal fight. There are weapons and weapons. Outside, the army is waiting to kill you. Well, your soldiers are powerful. Don’t lighten Mager Usman. If the siege is long.

So everything will go into his plow You think,

I wouldn’t have thought that all of Romanos؟ That’s what I’ve been thinking for years and night. Do you know what is the biggest reason for the success or failure of the siege؟ Famine, if soldiers and people began to starve. Never, will you ever succeed. That’s why we have food and drink, plenty. But if people spread a disease. So you can’t do anything.

That’s exactly what romance is That’s why Usman

has great weapons. Migrar epidemic. I’m Nicola, Romanos! I have taken steps. There are tens of medical people in Anagol. The sun began as it rose, darkened mugger attacks are still ongoing. They are being constantly attacked by Usman Sahib. We are driving an inverted knife on Zara. Not a hole happened, not a single one. How incompetent we have done, God’s kindness.

Patience and wisdom sir of Torgot They will also

make holes in the spils of Shaw Allah, Anagol. There is no way to retreat. Anagol will become the property of the Turks. Right Faya Usman sir. We are patient, good if we are quick to be in a hurry. And what if not made؟ We are open to the enemy here. The barkin is right, this siege can last for months. And if the emperor sent help؟ Everything is abundant with Anagol,

they can bear the siege of months

Mongol will be attacked as soon as he finds out. Must be sure before victory. This time is not to reassure you. I did not ask anyone to stay or go. But if there is a doubt in someone’s heart. So they don’t follow me. No, then Usman. There is no doubt in the heart, no fear. We are with you. We have always come to the Philisels of Anagol, the remnant of the kingdom.

Happily, the martyrdom has come to be nostal. Now according to the decision made with Gandoz Sahib.

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