Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 32 Last Episode In Hindi

Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 4 In Hindi SubtitlesBarbaroslar Season 1 Episode 32 Last Episode In Hindi

Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 32 Last Episode In Hindi Al-Taman Sahib’s settlement Sir, what is the situation؟ Asking the situation. The situation is that the Turks have come to our doors. Mugs will not be able to enter. This fort is my fortress. Everything in this world is waiting for the right time. Anagol also waited for his time. Our sown seed, grew up and began to lie.

It has now become a strong tree And its branches

Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 32 Last Episode In Hindi are touching the sky. Spahio, Sardo. Enagol will be obtained or martyred. You will pull the languages of all. Migram First Usman. You have to win before. These are the voices of the Turks. Do you know what these people want from me؟ Looking for my city. You and our blood are thirsty. This time my blood will not be shed for the first time, nor will it be the last time.

They are out and their eyes are on my castle.

So now our arrows will not only target their eyes. Rather, we will also pull out the keys to their children, the elderly and the women. Their army is as big as it is. The more the goods are, the more it is, the more it is. As excited as I am.Some soldiers will enter the fort. To tell them: Romanos will attack us before sunrise. Nicola will leave the fort, including her soldiers, listening to it.

The rest of the soldiers will kill Nicola and his soldiers.

In this case, my nephew, Aq Timor, will open the bridge and the door. In Shaahullah, Mr. Torgot. This is our goal. But we will take precautions. Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 32 Last Episode In Hindi Because when the bridge is open. They will see Aq Timor. As soon as Aq Timor points us out. We will break the door as soon as possible. What will happen to the Lord Timor and the soldiers in this situation


Gandoz Sahib is also worried about that.

That is why, in weak walls. We will attack the stairs. When Nicola and her soldiers gather there. The bridge and the door will open to us. We will not leave Aq Timor alone. Sir, who are the soldiers who go with Aq Timor؟ If allowed, we would like to enter the fort with our brother, Aq Timor. We will open the bridge and the door, even if it does not go to it, sir. Do we ask you this duty

So change the clothes Which is your order,

Like a claw, Enagol will be tied. Behind the walls. From above, by door. Will attack from all sides. Now it’s time to stay. Well, son! Is there any bad news؟ Mother, brother John, mother! What happened to Aladdin’s son؟ Where is Orhan؟ He may have kidnapped brothers John Orhan and Hologfera. What are you saying, Aladdin؟ Tell me, who else kidnapped Orhan

His aunt’s soldiers were not coming to take Hologfira.

They have found poison in the Khark of our soldiers. Cowards, if they don’t have the power to fight, want to poison us. Save Brother John, Mom! They are alone there, maybe they are caught. Will save your brother. Kumral Abdal, by wasting your food. Go with weapons and sisters. Aladdin You have trust. We will go with the Bai Sangor Alp to save Orhan. Barkin, you’re right time, Barkin! Sylvia,

What’s going on here Where are women going

To save Orhan, Hologfira was the enemy. Take the soldiers and stand the desired place of Usman Sahib. I will go to women with Salvi. Put the poison in it. Pull, pull, pull. Sir, the southern walls have been completely destroyed. If the walls are destroyed, the army will be destroyed. If the army is destroyed, we will be destroyed. This fort will be destroyed, understood

If something like this happened I will not leave

you for Usman I will strangle you with my hand. Will teach you such a lesson. Death will be saved for you. Didn’t anyone else find Usman to send around؟ No sir, I am not the man of Usman, not the enemy. You are, of course, one of the Roman commanders. But one thing is less. I am the most ruthless and famous of Roman, Roman commanders.

How do you know you’re not going

I was the closest man to teacher Arius, God bless them. My real name is Isaac. The last time he saw his head in a bag. So you are the man of Arius. That is, from friends. I forget my friends quickly. But never forgets enemies. His face will never forget. I will avenge every action of it. No know, how long I will live, Commander Romanos. But I swear that.

Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 32 Last Episode In Hindi

The teacher will take revenge on Arius before he dies. Will continue to serve you for their purpose. By uniting your hatred. Usman will be crushed, and you will be with me. Didn’t wait to see this moment. No fort will remain which you will not get so courageous, Mr. Gandos

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