Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 4 In Hindi Subtitles

Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 4 In Hindi SubtitlesBarbaroslar Season 1 Episode 4 In Hindi Subtitles

Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 4 In Hindi Subtitles I will take Nicola’s life. Magger They believe that weapons have been removed to stop our victories. But their hope has died. Al-Hamadallah! Conquests have begun. Attacks have begun. Al-Hamadallah! Manjaniq has arrived in the Papazib area Some are left Will arrive soon, these shauddings! But he has not yet reached the walls of Anagol. I have enough life for all of you. And there are enough swords to cut. Is that your decision؟ That’s my decision, Usman Sahib! Anagol was it.

Come and take it if your power is enough for it.

Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 4 In Hindi Subtitles I did my duty. Thank you very much! We will climb the anagol with all our might. Anagol is now the land of Islam ( property). We will run our horses in places where the eye has not yet arrived. Anagol waited a long time. Tell the chief. Beware of soldiers. Prepare the Manjaniqs. Moselle ( Door Breaking Tool ) Keep ready. Sharpen your soles for the last time. Now is the time of victory.Don’t let me stay behind. There are twists and turns. Sir, you do not run people’s horses, fly.

Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 4 In Hindi Subtitles

That is, there was no idea who was being attacked. Don’t worry. The teeth of these humiliations cannot spoil our anything. Now return to the tribe. Then find out their address. The order that sir. Sir in the order of Allah. Caravan Inn on the way Our table of guests is always wide. The only thing I want to see on your table. That is Usman’s head. Don’t rush. Everything has a time. Can a winner not have the power to wait؟ Don’t talk like a stupid teacher, Arius. He also preferred the wait. And Nicola too.


Everyone got into the graves I waited  not in front of the enemy.

What is living with the enemy. Stay behind it. He has won his trust. Why is the Qai flag bigger than the rest of the flags؟ It wasn’t the case before. The answer to your question is, in your question, Usman Sir. It didn’t happen before. The Qai tribe is a Phala Phala, so the flag has grown. Even the whole world is about to wrap it up. Don’t forget Mugar. That whose power increases, its problems, even pain increases. Visited, Have Usman, sir. He has heard that Turkmen, after the conquest of Anagol, are moving like a storm. Because they consider Anagol and Blajik their homeland. Don’t understand you non-existent.

Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 4 In Hindi Subtitles

be without a homeland or a home. The village will be given to the village and the tribe. It turned out that it was not enough. When these people are coming like a storm. So we’ll go together. Like a storm, Bursa will hit the fasels. Aznick, Annie City. Everyone will go together. Bus. Just stay with us our people. The future of the Turks is now in your hand, Mr. Usman. The last place to wave the Islamic flag. You have a visible horizon. Now tell me. What is the target؟ Bursa.

My horizon and my purpose older than my age,

are atheism. After Usman, Blajik and Anagol, I will now look at the city of Anne. If he succeeds, you will be his slave until he dies. After that, nothing will be done. What do you know about me right now؟ This is Pattalgaon what I can do. I have been in Usman’s victory for years, which I hate. Fidelity. Overcome your Kenny. Now tell me, who am I؟ Barkin.Chief. Are you afraid of me Yes,

Usman will also be from me In the past Usman has

acquired the area around the city of Ani from the emperor. Now Annie will target the city. Usman’s goals are bigger than ages, Romanos. So what to do. That’s how to sit. You are a big commander, you will be careful. With the city of Usman Anne, he will change it in the cantonment. Will surround your soldiers. And then Yant will target the part. There will also hunt your soldiers. Will it all be enough to stop Usman؟ Usman, the flag of victories is the fluttering flag. It’s hard to beat him in the battlefield.

We will tear it to pieces. And the war will end before the beginning.

Come on, eat our food and enjoy the taste. So when you find out about targeting Usman’s, don’t get dizzy and fall. Bursa is far from you. Bursa’s victory will be difficult, your Ley Uthman. The flower of the milling flowers before time wither.

Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 4 In Hindi Subtitles  Strong-rooted, even open in the most severe cold. Of course, it will take many years to take the siege. I also know something else in the mugger. That the child of the horse born in Anagol will be irrigated by the waters of Bursa. Sooner or later for me, there is nothing. Yes, travel is difficult and only people with strong hearts run on difficult trips.

Your soldiers inside and out are ready everywhere.

These Turks who have become hurricanes and not been handled, then the inner front will open against you. Upcoming Turks are being hospitalityed in Anagol and Blajik. These people have been given housing there. It’s not enough. That’s why I’ll build a new homeland. And before Bursa, the city of Anne. The cities of Anne will conquer. And the siege of Bursa will use it as a cantonment.

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