Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 9 In Hindi Subtitles

Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 4 In Hindi SubtitlesBarbaroslar Season 1 Episode 9 In Hindi Subtitles

Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 9 In Hindi Subtitles he will first conquer the city of Anne and then the Bursa. And your plans will be found in the dust. Whatever it is, the emperor is preparing a large army. This army should be ready, it should be. I will take some troops from this army to the city of Anne and Fort Fort Yant. If you are right, we have to create a great front. Usman cannot be stopped by making a front. We will attack.

Now that Usman has flourished So we’ll get a little cook,

wound him. Wisdom always shows the same way. Glad to have the same thinking. My plan is ready. And my cup too. Tell me the detail. Included in the uprising in Solanesh, a contingent of Mongols is here. Their system has deteriorated. Living lays need to eat and drink. Let them stand against Usman. And exactly as you say, they will wound him to the wound. Good thinking.

Mager Chuban is the head of the tribe and his son.

The meeting is coming to the Kaili Qai tribe. Arthigral has great respect for Sahib and Usman Sahib. Listening to bad news today. Listen to the good news again. Ali’s son Mustafa, does not work wisely. Rather, he walks on the words of his teacher Ahmed. What are you thinking What to do, to ignite؟ Mustafa is not currently the chief.

This Mustafa will be so angry that he rises against his own father.

When there are differences between Ali and Usman Sahiban. So the chief will hand over his loyalty to Ali Sahib. Then the Battle of Usman Kelly will end before the beginning. On the arrival of the great army of the emperor. Usman will not have the power to compete. And when the Usman ends. Only one person will remain on these lands. – Is there a fresh fish?


Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 9 In Hindi Subtitles

Usman is visiting. – Welcome Usman Sahib! Thanks. Stay in the Lord’s protection. We live the best life because of you, Mr. Usman. How is the church being built, Pastor؟ People are working enthusiastically, there is no shortage of anything, Mr. Usman. Your soldiers are also shaking hands, be safe. To be completed as soon as possible, people should not miss anything.

Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 9 In Hindi Subtitles

will always be open to the people. Lord, keep your shadow safe, Mr. Usman.- Welcome Usman Sahib – Thank you, Mr. Torgot. – What is the revival of the tribe? – An important guest arrives. Chuban is visiting the Ali Sahib of the Oglo tribe. Preparations are underway in the tribe. Ali Sahib, his place on his head. Thanks. Sister!! Take special care of food,

Chuban is visiting the Alibi of the Oglo tribe She also congratulates

Usman Sahib. His hospitality will be done according to Usman Sahib’s location and apostasy. We will, of course, our women are both war and kitchen, experts. Alaja, to take care of the guest tents, no shortage. All have been prepared together with Zahra, there will be no shortage. Are there great days to come to congratulate Usman Sahib, Ali Sahib of the Great Chuban Oglo tribe. Thanks. If the Chuban Oglo tribe gets the help, our new victories will increase our greatness.

This help is ready by the command of Allah. Malhoun Woman.

Lakh million thanks. My princess daughter, great flour is knead. Above, don’t wait, take together. Thanks Eagle. I see. Ayesha. Be quiet for a long time. It’s not time to talk ؟ Breathing, breathing. Comfortable brother, what happened؟ Stay together for a long time, now I remember.

Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 9 In Hindi Subtitles

The good news is that Brother John, your family has come. From Hologfira.  All right, brother, all right, now give it to Maktob. What happened, right؟ Health is fine؟ all right. Her aunt is taking great care of her. It doesn’t have to be repeated. The tribe is reminded of very much.

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