Filinta Mustafa Episode 4 With Hindi Subtitles

Filinta Mustafa Episode 4 With Hindi Subtitles

Filinta Mustafa Episode 4 With Hindi Subtitles Filinta Mustafa is an Indonesian human rights activist and campaigner. She has been fighting for the Rohingya refugee crisis in Indonesia for over a year, and she offers her insights and perspectives on the situation.

Filinta Mustafa Episode 3 With Hindi Subtitles

Filinta began her activism when she became aware of the plight of the Rohingya refugees in Myanmar. At the time, she thought little of it–until she learned about how Myanmar was incarcerating and torturing these refugees. In March 2016, Filinta traveled to Burma to meet with Rohingya refugees living in displacement camps there. She witnessed firsthand how Myanmar was using violence and intimidation to try to keep these refugees from returning home.

After seeing first-hand the suffering that these refugees were experiencing,

Filinta decided to take action. She founded “RohingyaTruth” in December 2016 to document the Rohingya refugee crisis in Indonesia. The website provides information on the events leading up to and happening today, as well as access to legal assistance and support resources.

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Filinta Mustafa:

Filinta Mustafa is an international journalist and author who has been working on the Rohingya crisis for the past two years. In this article, she provides her insights on the Rohingya crisis and how to manage a long-term investment strategy.

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Filinta Mustafa is a Rohingya woman who has been living in exile in Thailand for the past six years. She is the founder of the solidarity group, Rakhine Solidarity Forum (RSF), which aims to support and protect the rights of refugees and immigrants from Myanmar. In October 2017, Filinta was one of several hundred refugees who gathered in Bangkok to demand an end to the Rohingya crisis.

The Rohingya crisis began in August 2017 when a group of Rohingya militants attacked a military post near Yangon, Myanmar. The military responded with force and killed many of the insurgents. The situation soon became explosive, as self-immigrants and refugees began fleeing into Bangladesh.bynearly eighty percent of the Rohingya population live in Rakhine state, where they have faced persecution since 1982.

Since the violence erupted in Rakhine state, there has been an increasing demand for human rights and refugee solidarity groups to take up the cause. Many people feel that the silence of the international community is complicit in the situation. Filinta believes that it’s important to stand up to those who would hurt refugees and immigrants, even if doing so may put their lives at risk.

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Filinta Mustafa is a Rohingya activist who has spoken out against the Myanmar military.Mustafa has faced numerous discrimination and violence from the Myanmar military since she first began protesting against their rule in 2016. Many of her friends have also been killed or injured during this time. Her case highlights the need for financial support from international donors to help refugees and vulnerable communities across Southeast Asia cope with the aftermath of the Rohingya crisis.


Filinta Mustafa is a Rohingya refugee who has been living in Indonesia for over two years. He has faced many challenges since he arrived, including the violence and discrimination that continues to occur in his home country. Despite all of this, Filinta has persevered and is now trying to make a life for himself and his family in Indonesia.

The solution lies in finding ways for refugees to integrate into their new surroundings and build a life for themselves. There are many resources available to help refugees such as financial assistance, educational opportunities, and job postings.

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