Filinta Mustfa Season 1 In Hindi Subtitles

Filinta Mustfa Season 1 In Hindi SubtitlesFilinta Mustfa Season 1 In Hindi Subtitles

Filinta Mustfa Season 1 In Hindi Subtitles We have to get out of here as soon as possible. Too bad and Han brother John. We have become the address of the success of the infidels. Will not become a victim. We will escape my brother. No soldier is visible around. Give me strength or Allah. What happened, trying to run away؟ Come on, it’s a spectacle. Iron breaker, not imprisoned.

he Turks have not stopped the iron and not the walls.

Open it, then tell you. Yes, brother John, ever a dog, has entered the lion’s turtle, good؟ My brother who died. You tell people now. Now I have you guys. And after the murder of Usman anyway, you guys have to die. You won’t leave Usman Sahib. As soon as it turns out, they will play bricks with the brick of the fort. Usman is also about to die, now there is no point in hoping. At least avoid your strangled. Our responsibility is very important. Keep your eyes open and change the war dress.

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Our dress is going to get married We have come out

of the houses with the edges of the swords. How do I pay your right, mother؟ How rights between mother and son, son؟ I was your mother’s pain medicine. And you are the saddest of my sons. Now your work is more difficult. It’s time to fix what’s wrong. Separated you from your son. Forgive me, daughter! Sorry, mother! Will my daughter take good care of

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Absolutely will keep, mother My beautiful daughter

Thank God you are here, mother! Thank God you are with us. Will always be together, daughter! Shabash, go to your mother. We belong to Allah and have to return to Him.You will both come as if nothing happened. -Mother chacha. – I don’t want to hear any objections. Deogen is as smart and dangerous as at least the Alp Arsalan. If he felt any danger to me. So like the Leparhet brothers and the Alp Arsalan, we will have a new enemy. Work wisely. Like Dukas, we’ll get rid of this giant.

Don’t be completely violent in it The voices of those

who want to join the silhouette in the village of Armenia are rising again. Protect Armenians from its Normandy. And the Turks who attacked them were killed in front of their eyes. Alp Arcelan made his eyes a hero. Sir! It can turn into a never-stop coup. What do you order us to do؟ One thing will be done Commander. Tomorrow these lands will be cleared of Armenians. And of course ⁇

In return for our hard work, the lands will be in our protection.

Getting these lands to the House and Rati. The Alp will be in our interest instead of Arsalan, sir. And of course ⁇ will be able to destroy the Alp Arcelan this time. You saw today that we could not just fight the Alp Arsalan and defeat the Commander. Clear plan and once. I will gather all the rebel Armenians in the village of Ianis You are like a bubble of love birds in beauty.

When she sings while resting on the branch.

What happened, my daughter؟ What are you thinking about؟ All preparations have been completed. When parents stand in front of each other, who will be with me؟ Doesn’t the girl get permission from her parents؟ But who will I allow؟ Only the devil will allow it. There is a saying: he has everything to do. That’s the reality. Of course I can’t replace your real mother.

But if you say, you miss the feeling of inferiority and mother.

I have to see you and the importance of the mother is to go. I cannot pay your right. You are, of course, my mother. But who will replace my father؟ May Allah keep you happy, Akcha daughter! Let’s fly with your wings now, Shabash. The little eagle is flying. We are flying in the sky. So daughter! Is there anyone in your mind؟ Who stands in the place of the father and get permission from you؟ Actually, there is a person. If you are thinking of the person coming to my mind. I mean, if you’re thinking of Hassan Sahib.

They will do this happily, don’t worry  Don’t you know,

she loves you like her daughter I love them like my real father, Akinai mother. You have a plan to ruin the Alp Arcelan. What is it؟ Dad is curious. Alp Arsalan and the rest of the humiliated Turks will come to us to die. My father likes to be surprised, House. We have to intervene before it’s too late, Uncle John! Otherwise these two crazy lipiders will play our misfortune. Well, Eudokia! All right, but don’t worry.

I will not allow it at all. Are you going to hunt dear commandant

And you’re probably going to purify the Armenian village. Come with us, dear commandant! It will be more fun. Are you going to hunt, dear commandant؟ Do you want me to go with you sir؟ I have to be a little lonely after what has happened recently.

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