History of the Ottoman Empire Part 01

History of the Ottoman Empire, Part 01

These invading tribes of Turks, known as Turkans Ghaz and Ghazan, had entered Khorasan and Iran and damaged the dignity of the Seljukia Kingdom. The Turkans and Ghaz’s address is from Manchoria in China to Morocco. It is found in history, they arrested Sultan Sanjar Seljuki and instilled a lot of terror in the hearts of the people, but when Genghis Khan came out, his power was reduced a lot, the terror of Gengizi was wiped out in front of massacre and blood. Gone,

Previously These Teople Were Divided Into Different Tribes,

as the heat went on, even more chaos and degeneracy found their way, one tribe went to Egypt and joined there army, some in Syria and some in Armenia and Azerbaijan. As there was no great king born among them, the circumstances of these people were not written in detail in history, but because they lived within them for a long time as they were victorious in Khurasan and Iran, civilization and decency definitely developed. And the glory of Ulul-Azmi and high courage was present in every tribe and every family of them, even in the world of government and victory, they did not leave the love of their flocks, so now at the time of exit of Changeezi, something is in Changeez Khan’s army. Entered and often started living in the green pastures and forests of Khorasan, Iran and other countries, the same tribe of Turkan Ghaz who resided in Khorasan.

when the of the Mughals began on Auri Khurasan, left Khurasan and moved to the territory of Armenia and lived in Armenia for twenty-five years, the name of the leader of the tribe was Suleiman Khan and his The fellow Seljukis were very true Muslims, looking at Suleiman Khan’s ability and his treatment with his companions, the result was that even more wanderers of Turkan Ghaz came and gathered around him and The Jamiat continued to grow,

This was the time when the peace and security

of the countries was in danger due to the abandonment of Genghis Khan and everyone relied on his own arm and arm to protect himself, his family and property. It had to be done and it was always necessary to be prepared in the face of calamities and calamities, so that Suleiman Khan’s group, who resided in the mountains of Armenia, had to take care of their strength and temperament.

In summary, during the Armenian regime,

while destruction and death were everywhere, Suleiman Khan increased his power and saved his group from unnecessary harm, the destruction of Daulat-e-Kharzam Shahiya’s wealth made Suleiman Khan more of this. Given the opportunity to give fighters and combat supplies around them

There were still three years left before Genghis Khan’s death,

when in 621 AH, he sent a powerful army of Seljukis, whose capital was Konya, Allauddin Kiqba was allowed in Konya, it has been mentioned earlier that this Seljuk According to the orders of the government, Slajqa Rome always had to fight against the Romans, i.e. Christians.

Now this kingdom had become very weak since ages.

When Suleiman Khan received the news that the Mughals had the Qabad of Allauddin, he was shocked. Very sad, because the Sultan of Konya was a Muslim and the Mughals were infidels, the kingdom of Konya always had Jihad against the Christians and the Mughal’s had destroyed the Islamic world, Suleiman Khan participated in the fight to Allauddin Ki Qabad and helped the Qabad.

Considering it as the best opportunity to get martyrdom,

he ordered his tribe to prepare for a coach. The exact number of Suleiman Khan’s Jamiat was not known, but Suleiman Khan gave a part of the Jamiat to his son Ertugrul as her. First headed out, the number was 444.

Just as the coincidences are being wonderfully

examined in the major and important events of the world, a strange beautiful coincidence occurred on the occasion too. On the one hand, the Mujahideen army was going from Armenia, and on the other hand, the Mughal army Alauddin. Keqbad had reached out against the Seljuk army, just when the Seljuk Army and the Mughal army were heated up and the Mughals wanted to defeat Allauddin’s army very soon, Sulaiman Khan’s son Ertugrul appeared with his accompanying squad.

Happened, he saw two armies fighting and one army

about to be overwhelmed and empty the field very soon, Ertugrul didn’t know who were the two fighters? But he considered it appropriate to help the weaker side, so Ertugrul with his 444 companions broke down on the strong side by the weaker side. The was carried out with such intensity and intolerance that the Mughals were outrooted and their very own in the field.

They ran away leaving the dead bodies.

Allauddin’s Qibbad Seljuki was assuming his defeat and death a while ago, he was very pleased to see this unexpected help and victory, and the angel of mercy appeared from Ertugrul in the battlefield as an angel of mercy, met him hugging Ertgrul too. Glad that he arrived on time and the purpose for which this journey was undertaken was successfully accomplished.

Right now Ertugrul and Allauddin were enjoying

this joy and happiness that Suleiman Khan was also with his Jamiat. Reached the same field, Allauddin Saljuki granted Khulat Gran Baha to Sulaiman Khan and his son Ertugrul, granted Ertugrull a land near Angora city and made Suleiman Khan the commander of his army.

Allauddin Seljuki’s understanding has to be praised

for choosing the best area to land Ertugrul, the kingdom of Konya was previously very vast, now the situation has emerged on the northern and western region of Asia Minor. The Romans had taken over by force and they gradually limited and advanced the boundaries of this Seljuk empire, on the other hand, the eastern region had been separated from the Mughals’ occupation and they were advancing step by step, thus the Kingdom of Konya two sides In the middle was being crushed and confined had turned into a state, which was expected to be extinct very soon,

Upon seeing this brave group and these brave leaders,

Allauddin raised the son of Solomon on an occasion that Rumi Located on the border of the kingdom and appointed his father as the commander of the army to prevent the Mughals from the east. After a few days, Ertugrul defeated an army of the Romans and expanded his land to the Roman territory and As a reward for this good service, Allauddin Saljuki also increased the power and area of Ertugrul by giving the area on his behalf and the area in the same areas. And with Ertugrull being so powerful,

The danger of the Roman border was completely gone,

but after a few days Sulaiman Khan, who was traveling with the army on the banks of the Euphrates River and was busy in expelling the Mughals, while crossing the Euphrat River, drowned in the river and remained a traveller country, Ertugrul remained the ruler of his territory and was busy developing his power gradually.

Since Ertugrul was constantly engaged in with Christians and was expanding his country by snatching away Christian territories, his being powerful in that area was a lot of satisfaction for Shah Qunya and he was satisfied with Ertugruls’s growing power Used to do inspections

In 634 AH, Allauddin Qibbad died and his son Ghayasuddin

Khusro took the throne in Konya. Ghayasuddin’s Khusro was very annoyed by the Mughals with their repeated invasions and in 641 AH, Ghayasuddin Qhusro paid tribute to the Mughals. Agreed, Ertugrul was not affected by the passing of the Kingdom of Konya, because he was the governor and commander of a province that was apparently safe and normal from the Mughals, the Mughals were more attracted to Asia Minor after that. There was no time to happen, Halako Khan, grandson of Genghis Khan in 656 AH, lit the lamp of Baghdad’s Caliphate Abbasia.

In 657 AH, a son was born in the house of Ertugrul landowner vineyard,

named Usman Khan, that is Usman Khan, by whose name the kings of the Turks were called the Sultan of the Ottoman, in 687 AH, when Usman was thirty years old, Ertughrul died. And Shah Qunia sent the government document naming the entire area of Ertugrul in the name of Usman as Muslim. Knowing the abilities of Usman Khan,

the Khusro king of Qunia of Ghiasuddin made Usman Khan the chief of his army and married his daughter to Usman Khan. Now Usman Khan started living in the city of Konya and soon reached the status of Prime Minister and the archbishop of the kingdom. Even on Friday Usman Khan instead of Ghiyasuddin started reciting the sermon of Khusro in the Grand Mosque of Konya on Friday.

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