History of the Ottoman Empire Part 02

History of the Ottoman Empire Part 02

Some incidents of Ar Khan’s kingdom

History of the Ottoman Empire Part 02 At the time of Ar Khan’s throne, Andronikos was the Caesar of Constantinople, he was completely disappointed with Asia Minor by confiscating all his Asian occupations, and he risked that the Turks might cross the sea and land on the European coast, but Arkhan did Europe. It was considered more important than stepping on the land of Kay to take advantage of the reforms and inventions of his brother Allauddin in Asia Minor and to strengthen it well in his occupied country,

So for almost twenty years he has Spent all the courage

in the works of reforming the country and ownership, if the rest of the Turkish sultans also considered it necessary to correct the nine open countries like Ar Khan and his brother Allauddin, then the way Asia Minor is the hope and hope of Turks till today. The place is made, Egypt, Balkan, Hijaz, Tripoli etc. would have been their places of hope.

The grandson of Caesar Constantine and Prince Kanta Kozens

raised the flag of rebellion against Caesar, this is an event of 739 AH, this Christian civil was naturally born as a victory for the Ottomans, by the rebels against Prince Omar Bay, the Turkish governor of Eden province. He called for help, he crossed the sea with a fleet of 380 ships and 28 thousand army and entered Europe and lifted the siege from the city of Demotica,

Then entered Syria with two thousand chosen passengers,

Qaiser Omar Bay Ya Omar Pasha was given a lot of gold and withholding the aid of the rebels, and Turkish Governor Omar Pasha returned from Europe to his province, but the result of his violation was that Caesar’s grandson of Rooneyx was so controlled that he He removed Caesar from the throne and acquired the throne of Qaisari himself.

In 742 AH, John Pla Logus became able to reign

on the throne of Constantine, but in 748 AH, Kanta Businesses dismissed Jan Pla Logus and obtained the throne of government and ruled until 794 AH, after that two more Caesars ruled until 857 AH. Ki, after which Constantine came under the occupation of the Turks. Qaiser Kanta Kozens (Kantiko Zini) recognized Sultan Ar Khan as the greatest Sultan of Asia Minor as he stepped on the throne of Qaiseri and considered it necessary to protect the European territory from the Turks’ Turks.

In order to create special relations with the Sultan,

so Qaiser sent a message in the service of Sultan Ar Khan that I want to marry my most beautiful and beautiful daughter Theodora with you, Qaiser knew that the Sultan was sixty years old and that The daughter of the teenager is a teenager, also he was not aware of the differences of religion, the Sultan did not reject this request of Caesar and with great pomp Queen Theodora got married to Sultan Ar Khan, the Sultan himself went to Constantine and married the Queen Brought it.

After this marriage, Qaiser was satisfied that the Turks

would no longer be able to invade my country and I would have a good chance to strengthen myself, but eight years later, a strange situation for the Turks to enter Europe. Born, i.e. in 756 AH, quarrel erupted over the coasts and ports of the Rome Sea, Venice and Geneva were both mighty naval powers and they both retained their possession over the entire Sea of Rome,

The Genevaians The area of Qaiser was connected

to the occupations of Constantine, so Qaiser Constantine had a strong hatred and enmity with the people of Geneva and he wanted the success of the people of Venice, the people of Venice were also sympathetic to Qaiser of Constantine, and therefore Ar Khan hates the people of Venice. It was that they often used to cause trouble on the southern coast of Asia Minor and looked down on Sultan Ar Khan’s

Government and kingdom with contempt,

the inevitable result of this hatred was that Sultan Ar Khan became sympathetic to the people of Geneva, so the people of Geneva too Sultan Ar Khan Had a friendly ceremony with, coincidentally, the battle between Venice and Geneva near Abnai Bosphorus, Suleiman Khan, the agent and governor of Sultan Ar Khan, coincidentally near the Abnae Bosphorus, was the son of Suleiman Khan.

One day, Suleiman Khan boarded a boat belonging to

Geneva with only forty men, crossed the Door of Daniel and landed on the European coast at night and conquered this fort of the coast which was a reinforcement for the people of Venice. Later, several thousands of Turks immediately reached the prince in the fort, which provided great help to the people of Geneva. Upon knowing this situation,

Qaiser Constantine was deeply grieved.

He was intending to write to Sultan Ar Khan that Fort to Solomon. Order to leave. In the kingdom of Qaiser himself, his second son-in-law raised the flag of rebellion and it became difficult for Qaiser to save his kingdom, he immediately sought help from Sultan Ar Khan, Sultan Ar Khan to his son Suleiman Khan. It was written that take the money and leave this fort and go back.

Suleiman Khan was willing that a severe earthquake

struck and the city was flooded and the people of the city were frightened and trembled by the earthquake, considering this earthquake as a confirmation of invisibility. Baig and Ghazi Fazil, the two Sardars who were with Suleiman Khan, after fixing the fallen Faisal and entering the city, captured the Gali Poly.
Suleiman Khan immediately repaired the decrees after capturing Gallipoli and established a strong Turkish army there,

when Qaiser received this news he wrote a complaint to Ar Khan, Ar Khan replied that my son wrote to Gallipoli The mighty sword did not conquer, but the coincidence of the earthquake has created an opportunity for him to occupy the city and I will write to call him back from there and also investigate the actual events, to Qaiser since again and again Sultan There was a need to seek help from Ar Khan and domestic disputes were drawing his attention these days,

So Qaiser did not insist on the evacuation of Gallipoli

again and Suleiman Khan did not spare him, of Gallipoli The occupation was very important for Suleiman Khan because he was very helpful in preserving the west coast of Asia Minor from the hands of the Venice people. This incident happened in 757 AH. Two years after that, Suleiman Khan’s son in 759 AH. The victim died after falling off a horse.

Sulaiman Khan was a very talented,

brave and wise prince, his death shocked Ar Khan, if he had lived he would have been the throne after Ar Khan, this shock made Ar Khan very complicated and he was 38 in 761 AH. Died at the age of 75 after ruling for years, Ar Khan followed his father’s will and strategy with great care, expanding the empire established by his father to the coasts of Europe,

Ar Khan All of the attention was inclined towards Europe,

a proof of this is the incident that when his son Suleiman Khan died after falling from a horse while hunting an eagle near Barosa, he did not bury Suleiman Khan in Barosa, but His body was taken and buried in the coast of Europe, occupied by Suleiman Khan, so that the Turks would not have the idea of leaving the coast of Europe and retreating from it.

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