History of the Ottoman Empire Part 03

History of the Ottoman Empire Part 03

Sultan Murad Khan the first:

After the death of his elder son Suleiman Khan, Sultan Ar Khan made his younger son Murad Khan his crown prince, so after the death of Ar Khan, Murad Khan, who was forty years old at that time, became the throne in 761 AH, Murad Khan’s The desire was to expand his kingdom in Europe, but only after his throne, Qurman had to stay in Egypt to the eastern region of Asia Minor,

After that taking his army to the coast of Europe in 762 AH.

Par descended and conquered Adria Nopal (or not) and made his kingdom, at that time i.e. from 763 AH to the victory of Constantine, Adria Nopel remained the capital of the Ottoman Empire, after hearing the victory of Adria Nopil, people of Bulgaria and Serbia. Who is concerned, the Caesar of Constantine sent a message to the Pope’s service to preach jihad and send troops to prevent Muslims,

So the Pope sent troops, while the Christian sultans

of Hungary and Bosnia etc as well as Serbia and Bulgaria Get ready and these united Christian armies marched towards Adria Nopal in 765 AH Murad Khan sent off his commander Lala Shaheen with twenty thousand army, two floors ahead of Adria Nopal confronted the great Christian army that reached millions, in this battle this united army of Christians fought a handful of Muslims. Defeat and the shame of escaping preferred over peace,

Many Muslims were killed by swords and many were captured,

Lala Shaheen went ahead and conquered many countries and soldiers in the provinces of Thresse and Romelia Started settling his fellow nationals Turks and Muslim chiefs in accordance with the ancient rule of feudalism, for many years Sultan Murad Khan was busy strengthening this country and stabilizing his government, young by prisoners of and teenage boys of the Christian community Chari army is also increasing.

When Christians saw that the Turkish Sultan

had strengthened his government and established a permanent residence in Adria-Nopel, they then united all European powers against Sultan Murad Khan, so Serbia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Bosnia, The armies of Poland, Constantine Pope Rome gathered together to destroy Sultan Murad Khan and the Ottoman Empire, the Muslim army was equal to the fifth-sixth against the Christian army this time too,

Christians were defeated as usual in this battle.

Hui, the king of Serbia saved his life by promising to send a twelve-man silver annually and an army of a thousand horsemen to help, and the king of Bulgaria promised to remain obedient in the future by offering his daughter, Sultan, Qaiser. Constantine offered its three beautiful girls in the expectation that one would be married to Sultan Murad Khan and two to be added to the wives of his two eldest sons, after this fight Qaiser Constantine Sultan Murad Khan’s entry and return from Europe.

Desperately, he was busy trying to reconcile with the Sultan and let him remain the ruler of his occupied country and the throne of Constantine.

On the one hand, Caesar of Constantine was busy flattering

the Ottoman Sultan, on the other hand, he was busy making efforts against the Sultan within, so in 782 AH, Caesar Constantine (Paleilogus) went from Constantine to the Pope in 782 AH in anticipation of a rapture and his He suffered the humiliation of obedience simply to bring Europe into the battlefield, but in this measure, when he did not see success,

he became too scared and to escape the wrath of the Sultan, he gave his son Theodore By sending the Sultan to the service, he requested that he be honored to join the Young Chari army, so this measure made the Sultan very happy and satisfied by himself.

In these days Sultan Murad Khan needed to go to Asia Minor

for the purpose of exploiting some revolts and rebellions and handed over his son Savji in the European-occupied government of Adria Nopal, in Sultan’s absence, one of Qaiser Constantine. And the son, whose name was Andonex, came to Adria Nopal and became a friend and companion of Murad Khan’s son, intervened in his mood, this Christian prince made a strange attempt to persuade the Muslim prince to revolt, he said my father

Bhi is not capable of governing and oppressing

me a lot and similarly your father is not fair to you compared to other brothers, this opportunity has come by coincidence, I too of my army I have made a reasonable portion my partner, you too have enough army with you here, let’s first conquer Constantine and capture the current Caesar, that way when I get the throne of Constantine, then we both together Sultan Murad Khan

Will be able to compete and you will easily become

the Sultan of Turks in Adria Nopal, this fool prince was deceived by the Christian prince, he unexpectedly took his army and with the Christian prince to Constantine. They left and both went and besieged Constantine and declared their independence. When Murad Khan heard about this rebellion and rebellion, he quickly left Asia Minor and came to Adria Nopal,

these two princes from near Constantine. Stepping back to the west, he went across a river and started preparing to face Sultan Murad Khan. As soon as he reached Adria Nopal, Murad Khan wrote to Qaiser Pallogus that immediately come to my service and answer me why this absurd act appeared. And why did you create this mischief by sending your son to my son?

Caesar trembled at the arrival of this royal message,

And he, out of fear, proved his innocence and ignorance, also wrote: “I support you in arresting these rebellious princes and punishing them for their incompetence.” Like share and I wish the rebels to be arrested and killed, upon hearing this reply the sultan himself went to the rebels and camped on this bank of the river

Alone at night and to the rebel camp Reached and called

out that those of you who left the rebels and still join us, his mistake will be forgiven. Recognizing the voice of the Sultan, all the soldiers and chiefs who were with the prince, gathered around the Sultan. It happened and with only a few Turks and a few Christians, these two princes escaped from there, at last both of them with their companions were arrested and served in the service of the Sultan,

Sultan Murad Khan called his son in front of him and made

him blind and then Ordered him to be killed, so he was killed, chained the son of Caesar to Caesar, and wrote: “Now punish him with your own hands as I have punished my own son, this is for Caesar.” It was a very delicate occasion, if he punishes the son, the fatherly love is an obstacle, and if he doesn’t punish, the sultan gets angry. At last,

he poured acid in the eyes of the son and made him blind and let him live, Sultan heard this. That Caesar blinded the son in obeying my order, rejoiced and had no objection as to why he was spared alive? But the truth was that Caesar had not blind the son at all, but his sight remained and his eyes were healed after a few days of suffering.

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