History of the Ottoman Empire Part 04

History of the Ottoman Empire Part 04

In 789 AH, Qura Qunlu Turkmans raised their flag of opposition against Sultan Murad Khan in the western part of Asia Minor, the ground near Konya got heated up, the strength of the opponent in this battle, the courage and bravery of Bayazid Khan. Awaz Sultan gave him the address of Yeldaram (Baq), from the same day Bayazid Khan became famous as Yeldaram,

The leader of Turkmans since Sultan was also

the son-in-law of Murad Khan, so the daughter saved her husband’s life by interceding with her father and this rival. Relations of reconciliation and reconciliation were established with the state again.
After that, the Sultan decided to stay in Barosa for a few days to inspect the situation in Asia Minor and strengthen the administration of the kingdom there,

While in Europe there was already opposition

and the spirit of crusades against Muslims, crusades And the sermons for the holy of priests flooded hate by presenting a great bigotry and hateful image of Muslims across the continent of Europe, now that Sultan Murad Khan occupied the country of Thresse and beyond When I came and started to become a new population of Muslims, it was necessary to be born in all over Europe.

ADHAR SHAH SERBIA. Caesar Constantine and Pope Rome

spread ambassadors, elchi and munad to encourage holy crusade against the Turks in all European countries, this was exactly the same type of effort to snatch Jerusalem from Muslim occupation and The country was in Europe to launch a series of crusades in Syria, the arrival of the Turks in the Balkans, the Christians forgot the country Syria and now it has become imperative for them to try to defend and protect their countries from danger.

Sultan Murad Khan sitting in Asia Minor

was unaware of these circumstances and these preparations, because there were no sources of information in that era that he would have known at the same time where what kind of efforts were being made against him. Where and how are things happening, in 791 AH Sultan Murad Khan lived in Barosa, in the same year Khwaja Hafiz Shirazi and Hazrat Khwaja Naqsh Band (Bahauddin) died, while all the power of Serbia, Bulgaria, Albania, Hungary, Galicia, Poland, Germany, Austria, Italy, Bosnia etc. And united nations. And unanimously, they were ready to exploit the Ottoman Empire.

In 791 AH, Sultan Murad Khan received news in Barosa

that the army of twenty thousand in number inside Romelia was destroyed against the Christian army, that is, by the Serbian and Bulgarian armies and keeping the covenant of obedience at odds. Fifteen thousand out of twenty thousand Turks have been given the drink of martyrdom and the entire European territory and the Adria Nopal is in danger.

Upon hearing this news Sultan Murad Khan

crossed the sea and reached Adria Nopil and from there one of thirty thousand The army gave its commander Ali and sent forward to prevent the advancing of the enemy army and himself turned to necessary arrangements in Adria Nopal. In 792 AH Ali Pasha defeated and forced the king of Bulgaria to obey again. Lia,

The armies of the Christian countries were gathered in Kisova

by the king of Marvia at the border of Serbia and Bosnia, and this great army of Europe set up their camp with great care and gave the message of to Sultan Murad himself, Murad Khan also now fully But was prepared for a decisive battle, so he himself left Adria Nopal, the commander of all his army and appeared in the field of Kisova, setting out the mountainous gates, a small river of orange in the field The name flows, to its north was a Christian camp, on the other hand Sultan Murad went and stayed in 792 AH according to 26 August 1389

The Christians were morphed even more

when they saw the Muslim army less than a quarter in numbers and supplies than themselves, the Christians were already established and fresh in the field, the Muslims had reached there on trespasses and difficult paths Had tired them, this area was not new and strange for Christians, because the inhabitants of the area were their friends and we the nation were delusional religion and helpful in every way, but for Muslims this country was completely foreign and alien,

Which Every evening, the Sultan’s army has reached the field,

on the same night, meetings and consultations were held between the two armies, some of the Christian leaders were of the opinion that at the same time the work of the Muslims should be completed by killing the night of blood, but since the Christians won their victory Ka had perfect faith,

So their other chiefs opposed this opinion simply

because a large portion of Muslims would have a chance to escape and flee in the darkness of the night, although we also found one of them sufferers They don’t want to give the chance to run away, Muslims were terrified to see the abundance of Christians here. When the Sultan held a consultation meeting, some chiefs suggested that a row of loading camels should be installed in front of the army so that they can give the job of living judgment, the other one from that.

The benefit will be that when the,

his horses will bark at the camels and thus their system of rows will not be able to sustain, hearing this opinion, Bayazid Yildaram, the eldest son of the Sultan, opposed and said That it is a sign of weakness and fear, we do not consider it appropriate to act on such a weak and lowly discouraged measure, we have to fight with the enemy in the open field.

Such things kept happening and the Sultan

could not form a firm opinion, but the Sultan saw that the wind was blowing very strongly, gusts of wind came from the enemy’s back and dust on the faces of Muslims. Slaps are given, this sign was extremely harmful for Muslims, seeing his shortcomings and weakness Sultan Murad began to pray and supplicate to the Lord of God, crying till morning and praying to God Almighty!

If there is a competition between disbelief and Islam,

do not look at our sins, but keep the honor of your Arabic Prophet صل ا الله عليه وسلم and the religion of Mateen. These prayers attracted the mercy of the Almighty to themselves and in the morning it started raining, suppressing the dust and dust. The weather became very pleasant, after a while the rain and wind stopped, the rows of battle were formed from the sides,

Sultan Murad Khan appointed the troops of his European

territory’s feudal forces on Memna and handed over the leadership of Prince Bayazid Yilduram, Asian regions in Mesra Assigning an army of Prince Yaqoob to be his chief, Sultan Murad Khan himself established himself with his bodyguards and forwarded the unruly riders, pedestrians and pedestrian troops into various groups as first.

Here the army of the heart of the Christian army

was under the command of the king Lazarus of Serbia and his nephew was a right-hand officer and the king of Bosnia the left-handed army, the armies on both sides should move forward with great enthusiasm and each other They got close and engaged in. Until noon, the parties applauded with extreme bravery and bravery and no decision could be made regarding victory and defeat. Finally, the army of Sultan’s son Yaqoob appeared troubles and they were towards the heart.

It started to fall back. Seeing this color, Sultan Murad Khan himself turned to it and adjusted the contaminated rows and joined the competition.

On that day Sultan Murad Khan was holding an iron

grinder and he used to kill everyone who came to the competition with the same grinder. The competition was going on very fast and the backs of boats were looking like a defeat to the Christian army. The signs of the Christian army began to appear and the steps of the Christian army in front of the Islamic braves, Muslims launched the most aggressive  and arrested the Christian commander-in-chief, the King of Serbia, killing millions of Christians in the

Field and almost all of their greats R u r a y Sardar Arrested,

When the King of Serbia was brought before Muqeed Murad Khan, the Sultan ordered him to be kept in safe custody, just as the Christians were evacuating the field and they had been defeated perfectly, a Serbian Sardar’s robbery has diminished the joy of this great victory of Muslims.

The detail of this Ajmal is that this Serbian leader

returned from the fleeing crowd of fugitives and turned his horse towards the Muslims and told the pursuing Muslims arrest me alive and take me to your king, I I myself hate Christians and arrest myself in your hand, because I have to tell the Sultan some important and very important secrets and accept Islam, Muslims arrested him alive and then victory

While in front of the Sultan Special prisoners

were being presented, presented this Sardar as well as narrating his desire and the incident of his arrest, the Sultan happily called him closer to himself, he proceeded with utmost respect at the feet of the Sultan. Put his head down, which assured the Sultan and his courtiers even more of his obedience and the authenticity of his word, then this Christian leader lifted his head from the Sultan’s feet and one of his clothes By taking out the pre-constipation,

They the Sultan’s chest with extreme flutter,

which caused a severe wound, and the visitors of the court immediately thrashed this Serbian Rubah, the Sultan was convinced that it was not possible to kill him with such a severe wound, so he ordered Given that the king of Serbia be assassinated, the order was immediately executed and shortly after Sultan Murad Khan drank the glass of martyrdom, thus on 27 August 1389 after toppling the united power of Europe at the field of Kisova

while When Sultan Murad Khan was martyred, the army chiefs swore on the hands of Sultan’s elder son Bayazeed Khan Yeldaram and made him their king.

The battle of Kasua is also considered the greatest

battle of the world because this battle proved that all of Europe could not drive the Ottomans out of Europe anymore, as well as the battle ended the holy crusades and ascents, because Christians Now concerned about their own home and the idea of conquering Syria has gone out of their minds, the battle has also proved that the abundance of Christians can never overpower the zeal and bravery of the few Muslims, Christians This defeat is one of the greatest defeats of the world.

This victory of the Ottoman Empire permanently set the Ottomans’

footsteps in Europe, while Christians in Spain and France, who were determined to annihilate the Islamic Kingdom of Granata, left some shares and made certain facilities available to the Muslims of Granata automatically.

Sultan Murad Khan died at the age of 45 years

of kingdom and 63 years of age, his son Bayazeed Khan Yeldaram brought his father’s dead body to Barosa and buried him. Sultan Murad Khan was very wise, courageous, great courage, Sufi Mushrib, Darwish character, Abidu Zahid and Bakhada. Was a person

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