History of the Ottoman Empire Part 05

History of the Ottoman Empire Part 05

Sultan Bayzid Khan Yeldarm:

Bayazid Khan Yeldaram became the throne and buried his father’s body in Barosa and stayed for a few days in Asia Minor and treated the riots and rebellions of the Turkmans, this was the time when Gengizi became one in Asia after the weakening of the Mongols. And the winner was born, whose name was Taimoor and whose circumstances will be explained in detail at some point to come.

In 793 AH, in the second year of his throne,

Bayazid Khan Yeldram heard that the struggle against the Turks is resuming again in Europe and that there has been a coup in the regions of Serbia and Bosnia, so Bayazid Khan Yaldram came to Europe like lightning and wind. And expanded his kingdom from Euphrates to the Danube River, including all the area from Bosnia to the Danube River in the Ottoman Kingdom, after Valencia Chengizi’s Shiraza Dirhambarham, the small states

Were born and engaged in each other, he said Taimur’s

The field of victories was cleared. Seeing the majesty and power of Bayazid Khan Yeldram, the Qaisar of Constantine wrote a letter to Bayazid Khan Yaldram saying that I have only a few small islands of Constantine and the province of Macedonia as well as the Greek assembly of Algeria. Remaining, let these baby torn pieces stay with me and keep the peace treaty with me by considering me your own willing and sincere,

Bayazid Khan Yeldaram kindly approved this request of Qaiser and placed it in his possession. Left and turned to move on to Central Europe and expand his victories.

By convincing Bayazid Khan Yeldram in such a way

that Qaiser Constantine began to spread the net of his conspiracy against Bayazid Khan Yaldram, he started sending his cardamom secretly to Iran, Khurasan, Persia, Iraq, etc. and Muslim sultans of Asia Extend the ceremony of unity, in our present time such actions are immediately dismissed, but we should not be surprised when Bayazid Khan Yeldaram is unaware of this time,

While Qaiser Constantine is busy in his secret affairs.

There was, while Muslims of Armenia, Kurdistan and Azerbaijan were threatening the western part of Asia Minor due to the climate of that time. All these reasons combined caused the Turkmans to destroy Asia Minor, i.e. Bayazid. Khan started advancing in the Asian region of Yeldaram. Bayazid Khan Yeldaram would have turned to Iran and Khurasan and so on and achieved great victories in Asia Minor, but since Usman Khan and his descendants had religious values, so he became Muslims.

From They didn’t know good to fight and take possession of Muslim occupied countries.

From the beginning, the strategy of the Ottoman Empire

was to conquer as many Christian countries as possible by Jihad against Christians and to Europe by publishing Islamic culture and Islamic religion which was causing pain for Muslims so far, decent Be made, so Bayazid Khan Yeldaram was also closed to the same strategy of his elders and he had no interest in fighting with Muslims, now in Asia Minor when the Turkmans  Bayazid Khan Yaldaram’s local Asian army between Barosa and Grape By defeating the Co and creating a great sedition,

Bayazid Khan left the Christians of Europe forcibly and left for Asia Minor in 795 AH. And as soon as he arrived here, he defeated the enemies, arrested, and killed them.

This sedition is because of the southern part of Asia Minor.

Born from the western region, so Bayazid established peace and security by adding the states of that side to his kingdom and in the same year he sent gifts to the Abbasi Khalifa Mustasim Ballah bin Muhammad Ibrahim of Egypt before that Although historians have also remembered the Ottoman Rawaas as Sultan, but in fact they were called Amir,

For example Amir Usman Khan, Amir Ar Khan, Amir Murad Khan etc.

Bayizid Khan, keeping in mind the religious greatness of Khulfai Abbasia in 795 AH. There was a Muslim in the Islamic world, Abbasi considered it necessary to address the caliph, although he knew that Abbasi caliph was spending his days under the protection and supervision of Egypt’s rulers.

Bayazid Khan Yeldrum from 794 AH to 799 AH,

absent from his old capital of the Kingdom of Adria Nopel and the European battlefield, i.e. Asia Minor, in 799 AH, he heard that all the powers of Europe united against the Ottoman Empire by the movement and efforts of the King Sajmund of Hungary Preparations for  have been completed and the movement of armies has begun, in addition this time and France and England of all Christian kings and nations were also involved in this alliance with all their might, namely Italy,

France and England, Austria, Hungary, Poland,

Germany, and Asia, Bosnia etc were all fully prepared and able to take the field confidently in this several-year pause. The Caesar of Constantine could not participate publicly simply because he was always in the stumbling of Sultan Bayzid Khan Yeldaram, but secretly and virtually he was the reason and the first motive for this preparation, because the Turks’ kingdom was the most evil and The enemy could have been the same,

Although Sultan Bayzid Khan Yeldrum was absolutely

satisfied and clear from him, upon hearing about this  preparation of the Christians, Bayzid Khan Yaldrum reached Europe like lightning and storm, upon reaching here he saw that the Pope of Rome was Ninth. Narendra Modi has published its fatwa in European countries that Christians who reach the country of Hungary and participate in the fight against Muslims will be absolutely from sins,

Before that there was a fight in France and England,

but the Pope and other influential people Christians persuaded the sultans of both countries to understand and persuade that the battle should be stopped until the story of Bayazid Khan Yeldaram is purified, so a mighty army of the braves of the Burgundy region under the Count The Neurs Deof Burgundy honored King Sajmund of Hungary ے Departed for Hungary, a mighty army of French braves en route for Hungary under three cousins of the King of France James, Philip, and Henry.

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