History of the Ottoman Empire Part 06

History of the Ottoman Empire Part 06

History of the Ottoman Empire Part 06 The Prince Count of U was also included in this army, many Nawabs of France and pride of the country and nation, the brave soldiers and the Amir of France also left with their own gatherings, the Titanic prince of Germany and the great Counts took their own mighty armies. Arriving in Hungary, the mighty armies of the Boerian braves departed under the command of Actor Pelaton and Count of Municipal Grades,

one of the Austrian cavalry was Officer Herman

the other great army officer Count de Sulli, as well as from Italy and the faraway islands. Armies of veteran and brave Christians left for Hungary, a great army of Christians came under St. John Jerusalem, so when the Christian armies of Hungary gathered Cairo, Sajmund Shah of Hungary gathered his mighty army from all sides. What and to the Christian king of Valencia, who had accepted the obedience of Sultan Bayazid Khan Yeldaram,

wrote that it is now appropriate for you to abandon

the obedience of Bayazid Khan Yaldaram and join us with all your might, with great joy he delivered this message. Welcomed and when this flood of Christian armies entered his country, but the king of Serbia took care who became the throne after the first king was arrested and killed in Kisova, the crowned and subordinate of Bayazid Khan Yeldaram Was made up, he did not participate in this Christian army.

What is noteworthy about the glorious Christian

army is that the amount of Christian armies from different countries that were gathered this time consisted of the bravest, experienced and  veterans of all soldiers and commanders of the Barrier, all soldiers of this army And all the Christian chiefs were the world’s finest and chosen ,the commanders of this army said,if heaven should fall on us we will stop it with our spears tips.

This Christian army advanced to the borders of the Ottoman Empire

from two different routes of Valencia and Serbia, Sajmund Shah of Hungary, who was the commander-in-chief of Hungary, reached the boundaries of the Ottoman Kingdom and ordered an invasion and soon began to conquer one city after another. Every town or city conquered by Christians was turned dust black, its Muslim residents and its guard soldiers were brutally murdered and no one was spared even for a request for peace or confession of obedience, this murder In general,

there was no discrimination between men, women,

elderly and children, the Christian army became a general destruction and destruction, making the area of the Ottoman Empire exposed and blackened when it began to grow, Bayazid Khan Yeldaram has a news in Asia Minor. Arrived and he arrived from there with great haste to Adria Nopal.

Sajmond was sure that he would reach the country of Syria

having conquered Asia Minor, while even Qaiser Constantine was rejoicing in his heart for the magnificent work done in the battlefield of Kasuva. Couldn’t be completed he will now finish well and be from the danger of the Ottomans forever, it was very possible that Sultan Bayazid Khan arrived at Yeldrum Adria Nopal on the other hand

Sajmund also the great Adria would have reached Nopal

with Al-Shan army and Bayazid Khan Yeldrum would have faced severe trouble and trouble before returning to his senses, but when the Christian army killed and massacred the city of Nicopolis, the provincial governor of Yughlin Baig Confronted with courage and besieged strongly, the Christian army besieged Nicopolis and seized the opportunity to unwind and rest for a few days.

Thus the siege of the city of Nicopolis gave

Sultan Bayzid Khan Yeldrum the opportunity to arrive in the Adriatic Nopolis and after his proper preparation in that haste to migrate towards Nicopolis, Christians here also expected Sultan Bayzeed Khan Yeldrum Asia Minor. I sat and he was sure he would not dare descend on the coast of Europe on hearing of our plentifulness and power, finally 24 December 1396 according to 799h

when Count Neurs Duke of Burgundy was dining in his tent,

He had some spies reported the news that the Turks army had approached, upon hearing the news the Duke mentioned and other French chiefs immediately stood up and happily reached Sajmund and said that we are the Christian army compared to the Turks Every first should be declared, so that we can first be proud of wielding a sword on Bayazid Khan Yeldaram’s army.

Sajmund, who was familiar and more experienced in the Turkish fight,

said that first the unruly and semi-armed troops of the Turks would advance, you people who are proud of the Christian army against this army Ready, who consists of the most courageous soldiers of Sultan Bayazid Khan Yeldrum and who will strike fiercely after an initial encounter, the Duke of Burgundy became silent on hearing this, but the French chiefs namely

Lord de Korsi and Amir al-Bahr and Marshall

Bossi etc insisted that we could never afford to have Hungary advance in fight before the French, hearing these proud and passionate words, the young people raised a slogan of joy and in that enthusiasm they Turkish prisoners who had not been killed yet, were killed immediately, but little did they know what kind of trouble we were about to head.

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