History of the Ottoman Empire Part 07

History of the Ottoman Empire Part 07

History of the Ottoman Empire Part 07 Sultan Bayzid Khan Yeldaram approached the Christian army and stayed on the occasion that there was a high back of the ground between the Christian army and the Sultan army, due to which the Christian army could not see the Sultan army, the Sultan chose his forty thousand And the armed forces were formed in the field and advanced the rest of the unruly army troops into different groups,

From there the French cavalry advanced as the first

and Sajmund took the rest of the troops slowly and slowly proceeded with the French forces of Turkey Crushed and advanced with extreme acceleration to the top of the lofty hill, where Sultan Bayazid Khan was self commanding his armed forces, by the unruly Turkish forces who killed a number of their own by a French invasion. were dispersed, took advantage of the opportunity and quickly regrouped and lined up their rows andĀ  the back of theĀ  French,

Thus the Christian every first i.e. the French army

that had advanced the large army of Sajmund, Went home in the middle of the Islamic army and many were killed and captivated, very few men somehow escaped and they told the Christian army of the complete destruction of the French army from which the Christian troops fled the sea. Muslims began to be shocked, after

Bayazid Khan fight the Christian military

sea that was spread across the field in the form of a nest, the enthusiasm and enthusiasm of the Muslims this has taken place is probably experienced. And the chosen battle which the Christians had no idea before, it should be rightly said that Sultan Bayazid Khan Yeldaram’s army was an iron grinder. Who tore the walls of sand that spread for miles and tore to the ground with its pompous beats.

The armies of Bavaria, Austria and Hungary fought

hard and firm, but they were all cut like cucumbers by the bloody swords of the Muslims and turned into dust and blood, the same way, the one who adopted the settlement, was under the sword, the one who fled. Willing to either escape or become captive in pursuit of conquerors,

The purpose was soon decided to fight and Sultan Bayazid Khan

completed a great and every faith of Christians in the field of Nicopolis And defeated a mighty army that no field had ever been assembled such a mighty power of Christians.

Sajmund Shah of Hungary fled for his life, but the great princes,

Nawabs and sergeants of France and Austria Watley and Hungary etc were captured and killed in some field, the Duke of Burgundy was also among the same prisoners and all the Christian leaders whose names are above Arriving, all of them were prisoners, nearly one and a half million Christians were killed in this great battle of Nicopolis. After the victory, the Sultan himself went and inspected every part of the battlefield that was covered with corpses, since the Sultan moved.

The martyrs of his army were also seen, so the Sultan

said with great regret that this victory has cost us a lot, I have to take revenge of these brave men from Hungary, the Sultan ordered that the prisoners were presented before us. See, the prisoners were divided into several parts, those who were considered minor soldiers were made slaves and divided into the army, and some executioners were killed by sword, a section which consisted of the sergeants was separated,

They People’s muskets were dissected and tied

in ropes and sent to major cities for publicity, so that people would know that Muslims had been victorious over Christians, a portion that consisted only princes and great nobles and commanders Selected separately, the number of these princes and commanders of Europe was twenty-five, including the Duke of Burgundy, all of them were taken with him by

the Sultan and left Europe to his Asian kingdom of Barosa, coming here he brought these twenty-five. Calling the princes and commanders in front of me, saying that you have borne the pain of invading my country unjustly, I myself am determined to conquer Hungary, Austria, France, Germany and Italy, and I intend to conquer Rome,

Italy I will arrive and feed my horse at the altar of St.

Peter, so I will meet you guys in your own countries and I will be much happier when you compete with me with more army and more preparedness than ever You will come to the ground, if I had the slightest fear or fear from you,

I would have taken you to confess that you never intend to come up against me again, but I insist that you are your own As soon as you reach the countries, get busy in supplying the army and prepare for battle and be fully prepared for my encounter, Sultan Bayazeed Khan Yeldaram released all these princes and chiefs.

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