History of the Ottoman Empire Part 08

History of Islam, Ottoman Empire, Episode: 08

Clash between the conspiracy of Qaiser Constantine and Amir Taimoor and Sultan Bayazid:
Dear readers! Jesaka, we read in the last episode that Sultan Bayzid Yildrum defeated a mighty and every way complete and strong army of Christians in the field of Nicopolis, beheaded one and a half million Christians and arrested hundreds of princes, great nobles, rulers.

Or else Left them saying go you countries prepare more than this, be fully prepared for my competition, see you guys in your own countries.

After that he reached Europe with his army and engaged

in fulfilling his mission mentioned in the previous episode, first he headed to Greece, as the Christian crusader of Greece autonomous Caesar of Constantinople Joined the Christian army at the Battle of Nicopolis from Emma, passing victoriously through the Thermopoli pass under the walls of Athens, and conquering Athens in 800H, dispatched thirty thousand Greeks to settle in Asia Minor, while the Sultan himself was the army. Taking the conquering of Thessalonians, he sent his commanders to Austria and Hungary, who had conquered most of those countries.

Now Sultan Bayazid Khan was well aware of the fiber

of Qaiser Constantine and the immorality, so he intended to conquer Constantine and erase this Christian kingdom after the victory of Athens, but Qaiser was clever this time too He took the job and immediately became the Sultan’s ruler and promised to pay ten thousand doctors annually, and will build a mosque for Muslims in Constantine and will appoint a Qazi who will rule over all the affairs of Muslims,

Muslims Traders will not have to face any kind of trouble,

Sultan Bayzid Khan Yeldaram agreed to these conditions and left Constantine, otherwise the work that was done by Sultan Muhammad Khan the second conqueror of Constantine, was done by Sultan Bayzid khan Yeldaram in 800 AH. Could have been done.

This was the time when Amir Taimoor strengthened

the base of his government in Khurasan and Iran and got rid of the Turkmans’ bullshit and took his occupation to the border of Sultan Bayazid Khan Yeldaram and  India, Qaiser Constantine who in Europe. Having seen the results of the Battle of Kasua and the Battle of Nkopolis after his own infidelity and the persecution of Christians, now seeing his compulsion and humiliation,

He is once again willing to try.

When Sultan Bayzid Khan Yeldrum had conquered Greece and Athens and Caesar’s condition was very thin, he immediately sent a messenger Taimur and gave him a letter saying:
“My kingdom is very old, even in the era of His Holiness صل الله عليه وسلم and the Khalifa of Rashidin, our kingdom existed inside Constantine, after that, in the era of Banuamiyah and Binu Abbas, we reconciled with the Khalifa repeatedly and no one intended to take Constantine.” ,

But now the Ottoman Sultan has seized most of

our occupations and has his tooth on our capital Constantine, being severely compelled in such a situation we seek help from you and obviously we cannot seek help from anyone else except you, If you think Bayazid Khan Yeldram is a Muslim and our Christian, it should be clear that Bayazid Khan is having consecutive victories in Europe on this side and his power is growing very fast,

He will soon be on this side Satisfied

from will  your occupied countries and at that time you will have difficulties submitting it, Bayazid Khan to Sultan Ahmed Jalair and Qara Yousuf Turkman who are your fugitive rebels, guests with honor Rakh Chhor and these two rebels are equally busy in fighting and advising him against you, it is no less a disgrace for you that you have honoured your rebel Sultan Bayazeed Khan like this.

Stay together and not be able to call them back,

so it seems appropriate that you invade Asia Little, because this country should naturally remain under your occupation and protect us from the temptation of Bayazid Khan Yeldaram, by all means possible from us Hoga will help you.”

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