History of the Ottoman Empire Part 09

History of the Ottoman Empire Part 09

History of the Ottoman Empire Part 09 Although this letter of Qaiser contained his own sensual purposes and Taimoor was not so stupid to fall for his selfish talks, but the rebels seeking refuge was mentioned in this letter in words that had something on Taimoor’s heart. Neither of course there was any effect,

This letter of Qaiser Constantine reached Taimoor

when he reached the banks of the Ganga River and was intending to move towards the eastern provinces of India, after reading this letter of Qasar Constantine, he Did not seem to give a satisfactory reply to the messenger, rather dismissed him immediately, but the article of the letter touched his heart in such a way that his heart flashed with India and he called this newly opened country of India Leaving behind any reasonable arrangement,

He left from to make his destinations

as soon as possible and left Punjab for Samarkand, one lakh Indian prisoners who accompanied him and who were causing heavy cost in the journey were killed on the way, Samar Upon reaching Qand, he prepared well and agreed to shake hands with the Ottoman Sultan to decide who of us should win the world.
During this period,

Taimur continued to receive the victories of Yeldaram

and he became ready to fight his rival. While Bayazid Yeldaram made the Christian Caesar of Constantine his crown prince and to complete the victories of Hangro Asria. On completion of conquering the city of Rome to feed his horse in the famous church of St. Peter, but came to news that Caesar Constantine had sent an embassy to

Taimur against him and that a tribute to Sultan Bayazid Khan

Yeldaram Gazari is busy beating hands and feet considering it as a humiliation for himself, Sultan Bayazeed Khan Yeldaram never expected Taimoor to come to fight me as a supporter of Qaiser, nor he had any fear of Taimoor, but he It was necessary that the story of Qaiser first be purified, then Italy be fight, so he called for an answer from Qaiser and any reasonable one who did not purified, began preparing for the siege of Constantine.

Meanwhile Taimur departed from Samar Qand

and reached the western border of Asia Small, conquered Azerbaijan and flowed rivers of blood through massacres in Azerbaijan and Armenia, and placed coins of his might on the area, Azerbaijan to conquer Armenia After Taimoor had a great opportunity to tease Sultan Bayazid Khan Yeldaram, because now he had the boundaries of the Ottoman Empire in front of him and there was no obstacle in between, the country of Azerbaijan which used to be a Bafrostate i.e.

the border area of the border Taimoor had conquered it.

The behavior of the commanders of Azar Baijan was forcing these two Islamic emperors to try  with each other. These border authorities would ask for help from Taimoor when they were angry with the Ottoman Empire and when they were angry at Taimoor, they would call for help from the Ottoman Sultan. Seeking help from, Qara Yousuf Turkman Farman narrated by Azarbaijan Taimoor,

Fearing and wandering went to Sultan Bayzid Yildaram

and wanted the Ottoman Sultan Taimoor to help him instead of helping him. Make him the throne in the country, when Taimoor conquered Azerbaijan, Sultan Bayazid Khan Yeldaram sent his son Tugrul with a short army to his border city of Sivas that if Taimoor moved this way, he would Stop.

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