History of the Ottoman Empire Part 10

History of the Ottoman Empire Part 10

Taimur did not act hastily in teasing the Ottoman Sultan, but was busy preparing with great care, he sent cruise orders to all his occupations and called for experienced soldiers and electoral forces, and a large number of spies Entered the Ottoman Kingdom in the form of beggars, darvesh, sufis, preachers, traders, tourists and sent a large number of experienced spies to Sultan Bayazid Khan’s army to visit the Mongols who were the reason of keeping Budubash in Asia Minor.

Joined in the r And his Asian army was the

top part to seduce and explain that the Mongolian national commander is the legitimate and real Sardar Taimoor, supporting the Sultan of Bayazid Yilduram in comparison to Taimoor is a national treason and a great insult.

So this secret Fight of Taimoor proved to be a big deal,

a large portion of Sultan Bayazeed Khan Yeldaram’s army began to be displeased and ready for rebellion against Sultan. These spies of Taimoor also spread the idea in Sultan’s army that Sultan’s army is a big deal. He is stingy in giving more of the salaries and wealth, although the soldiers of Taimur remain very relaxed , after getting rid of this arrangement,

Taimur deem it appropriate to conquer Syria and Egypt first,

he knew that The Cherkasy king of Egypt, Faraj bin Barquq, is a friend of Sultan Bayazid Khan Yeldaram, when the country Syria is fight, he will definitely come to Syria to save Damascus, and since he is weak alone, defeating him is very easy, at least Due to the occupation of less Damascus and Syria, Sultan Bayzid Khan Yeldaram will not be able to get any aid from the Egyptians and Syrians,

So he wrote a letter to Sultan Bayzeed Khan Yeldaram

hat you have our rebel recitation Yousuf Turkman, send it to us, otherwise We will invade your country, and in 803 AH, we fight Syria with our army on the way to Aleppo. Taimour’s idea was correct and Taimour had just arrived in Aleppo and the King of Egypt immediately came to Damascus. Fight on Damascus. Hui and Egypt’s spy commander Rawa had to flee to Egypt after being defeated.

The Egyptian army became very frightened by the Taimoori army,

and Taimoor frightened the people by carrying out massacres in the Syrian cities and building minarets everywhere. Thus, Taimoor attained his goal and turned towards Baghdad with a sword. Conquered, here he received the reply of a letter from Sultan Bayazeed Khan Yeldaram, in which Taimoor’s request was rejected with utmost contempt.

Taimur already knew what Bayazid Yildram would answer

and that is why he was already engaged in every possible plan, taking this answer he did not deem it appropriate to stay in Baghdad any longer, but left Baghdad straight to Azerbaijan. Where he called armies from his other countries periodically, upon reaching here he set up departments of supply, information, spy etc with utmost foresight and intelligence and to supply  materials and supplies to all necessary places in advance Employees and great staff have been appointed.

This was the time when Sultan Bayazid Khan Yeldrum

besieged Constantine and he was about to be from the victory of Constantine very soon, he recited to Yousuf Turkman after hearing the victory of Syria and the defeat of Faraj bin Baruq Shah of Egypt He sent the army to unexpectedly reach Syria and kill the Taimoori militants and occupy Syria, and left to confront Taimoor himself, he postponed the victory of Constantine for a second time,

It was very possible that the country Syria By being satisfied

with the snatching of K Bayazid Yaldrum would have been silent and he did not know that it was necessary to fight Taimur, which means to fight him himself, because he was not interested in fighting with Muslim kings, he was just thinking of conquering the remaining countries of Europe. He was and wanted to show the Christians the essence of his sword of detachment,

whom he had terrified with the battle of Nicopolis and determined to tie his horse in the church after conquering Constantine and Rome after the victories of Hungary and Austria It was gone, but Taimoor was actively trying to fight and defeat Bayazeed for many years. In other words Bayazid Yeldrum was willing to destroy Taimur Bayazid and save Christians.

After completing all his belongings, Taimoor fight

Bayazid’s border city of Sivas, where Bayazid’s son was present as a fortress-keeper, Bayazid’ s son Ertugrul defended the fort with great bravery and bravery by closing the fort, Taimoor was the first to defend the same fort. Tried out his fort building equipment, he besieged the fort and started digging the fort foundations from the outside,

Dug deep pits a little distance and extracted soil from

under the foundation to stand under a strong wooden armored foundation, then this They were suspended on pits , then all these  were set on fire, due to the burning of the , all the walls of the fort were suddenly sank to the ground, so seeing themselves helpless, the besieged surrendered and all the jinns The number was four thousand arrested.

Just as Taimur adopted a strange method of sinking

the fortress of Sivas into the ground, in the same way he treated these Turkish prisoners very strangely, that is, instead of them Co would have saved their lives, cut everyone’s muskets and put their heads between their knees tied like a bunches, then dig deep deep trenches and put them all in them, in these trenches or so say graves The planks were placed and dust was poured on top, when imagining this cruel act of burying alive, it gives goosebumps.

Bayazid Yildaram was not in his senses when

he heard about the death of his son and four thousand Turks in this way. Probably Taimur also had the same intention that Bayazid should get out of his control and become alienated from his intellect and wisdom and immediately on the competition. Come on, the carelessness and indecency that appeared after Bayazid, consider it the result of anger and rage, anyway! After that, Taimoor proves to be perfect and Bazid flawed in every respect, although before that, Bazid had not made any mistake in matters and he proved himself to be great and worthy of praise. Had a six.

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