History of the Ottoman Empire Part 11

History of the Ottoman Empire Part 11


History of the Ottoman Empire Part 11 Bayazid, knew the power of Taimoor and knew that the whole life of this 69-year-old enemy has been spent in battles, he had also received the news that there are more than five lakh electoral troops in Taimoor’s barrier. Sultan Bayazid Khan Yelduram gathered as much army as he could in this haste and headed to Sivas where his son was buried alive and his enemy was lying carrying his army, his Christian wife in his army.

There was also a French chief, an officer of twenty

thousand riders, hearing Bayazid coming at speed, Taimur pulled off a very effective military trick that he had already imagined Kept and everything related to it had already been arranged, Bayazid had dispatched parts of his army towards Siwas earlier and took all necessary equipment along, Taimoor by the time Bayazid’s army approached Siwas Arrived, stayed there, when he learned that Sultan Bayazid Khan Yeldaram, who was coming behind, would no longer be able to change his route,

he left Sivas and left there, headed south, turning west and straight to the city. Went to the vineyard and went and besieged the vineyard city.

When Sultan Bayazid Khan Yeldaram reached Sivas,

he became sad and furious to see the murder of his son, but he did not find Taimoor and his army there, instead he knew that Taimoor took his army from Sivas 200 and twenty five The mile west has reached the inland, i.e. the city of Angora, the concept of the destruction of the grape city was even more painful for Bayazid than the destruction of Siwas and he could not bear Taimur reaching the heart of Asia Minor.

Now it was appropriate for him not to be overwhelmed

with anger and to invite Qara Yusuf Turkman and Syrian and Egyptian leaders to head to Taimour by high-speed messengers and Taimour himself everywhere in his country He would have implemented measures to siege and cut off his supplies, and if Taimur moved west and destroyed the cities, he would have allowed him to do it, because all around it were areas where the Ottoman feudsmen

Had And the devoted Turks of the Ottoman Empire

were abundant, and great armies from all four sides could gather together and make Taimur’s army the center of their, thus it was not difficult for Bayazid to trap Taimur and arrest him, but Taimoor Sultan Bayazid Khan was certainly well aware of Yeldaram’s temperament and he knew that my opponent would never be able to bring such a fiscal attitude to work.

So this happened and Bayazid, who had easily

arranged to gather four lakh troops in the Sivas field and was not going to be overwhelmed by Taimur, in anger, violated the two-storey and three-storeyed and grabbed grapes from Sivas. Walked to the side, only one hundred twenty thousand armies could accompany him in this fast paced and continuous journey, this acceleration was the first and biggest mistake of Bayazid.

When Bayazid reached the Grape with his tired army

of one hundred thousand and twenty thousand, Taimoor was camped at the best position taking his army of more than five hundred thousand, which was fresh and ready for the battle, said Taimoor. For his army had chosen the best opportunity in the north and west of the city of Angora and had prepared a trench or a dump wherever needed,

Bayazid moved north of Taimuri army to the

Taimoor and to show that I supported Taimoor. I do not understand this magnificent army at all. By taking it to a high mountainous area nearby, it started hunting first and surrounded the jungle by soldiers, making the circle smaller and bringing wild animals to a center. Karaya where the Sultan and his chiefs were busy hunting animals,

The tired army of hunting had to endure the harsh

pain of not getting water and the time the soldiers should have got to rest and relax, was worth that toil and thirst He lived in a world that killed five thousand soldiers dying of thirst and the love of the Sultan for the army’s heart decreased. Now when he returned to his camp from hunting, it was known that the camp had been occupied by the enemy, the water fountain of his water. But the passage of the Ottoman army was possible by closing this fountain from the top and turning it to the other side. Taimur’s foresight and experimentation had already dried.

Although Bayazid himself was not late and tamil in battle, he would probably prepare the after reaching his camp and at least giving the army a break to drink water, but now he is compelled because of Taimoor’s cleverness and cleverness. Happened to¬† the blatant enemy who had his army in the same bad condition.

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