How To Fix When Your Computer Is Running Slow

How To Fix When Your Computer Is Running Slow.

If your computer has been running slow recently, there are a few things you can do to speed it up and get it running like new again.

These fixes apply to any computer that isn’t extremely aggravated, and they can often fix even the most annoying computers. First, locate your hard drive right – by clicking on computer and then click on properties. If you have less than 10 GB hard drive space , you should discredit the hard drive.

Step 1 – Test programs or processes using too much CPU/RAM

Over time, our computers can get upset with programs we’ve installed, installed, and reinstalled, but that are never actually removed. So many of these programs use resources all the time, even if you never use them.
The easiest way to see how badly your system’s performance might be impacted is by an examining the task manager.

To view system operations in Windows 8, click Ctrl+Alt+ (or just Ctrl+Shift+Esc), click Task Manager. This shows you what cpu/ram is using at any moment.

Step 2 -disk space sure you have enough

Make sure you have enough disk space to speed up your computer. If you know that things are still very long. You can get a Ram upgrade for your computer or Mac by getting it in the Apple Store, or buying the kit online. RAM kits are available at varying speeds and costs. Fast memory can be good if you do graphics – work deep or play high-demand games on your computer, but slow memory can actually make less demanding tasks smoother.

The key is to buy what’s right for you and install it yourself if possible  don’t pay someone else for it until they offer an unbeatable deal that makes sense for you. Yes.

Step 3  Use CCleaner

Ensure that the Adoo Cleaner has detected unwanted applications and cleaned them with the Adoo Cleaner.
You might want to consider using CCleaner, another great tool.. The instructions below will guide you through using both tools

Step 4  Run an antivirus scan

You should probably try these before paying for anything. Search google for anti – virus software and select one of these options. If you have an older version of Windows such as XP (and therefore) has no security, run the scan with Microsoft Security hardware.

Also make sure all of your browser extensions are turned off, which you should after installing any new browser  add ons anyway; viruses are often spread through plug-ins such as flash and Java.

Step 5 Uninstall the program, delete temporary files and folders.

It’s tempting to leave programs installed on your computer even after you’ve stopped using them, especially if you don’t know where to install them. But these unnecessary programs can cause your system to slow down. That said, remember that some programs can still be useful – so just install the ones you know aren’t necessary.

To install a program on Windows, go to the control panel and click install a program. You can then choose which program you want to remove from your computer and delete relevant files.

Stage 6  DE fragrance Hard Drive (Windows)

If you’re having trouble with hard drive, check to see if your hard drive has been discredited. To do this: Open my computer, click on the right – C:\ and select properties. Now look under tools for defragmentation.
If you see red x by defragment now, then improve the drives when signaled and restart your computer. Another option /Install Au logics Disc Delimitator , worth its weight in gold! It won’t just improve drives. It will also clean up temporary files, delete broken shortcuts and reveal real-time CPU usage.

Phase 7 Try Registry Cleaner Program

Fix bugs, improve performance and ensure the future brightness of your Windows PC. A  registry cleaner can scan and repair problems from broken or missing files in the Windows Registry.
By using a  registry cleaner, you can help your system run at top performance. This has nothing to do with virus, if you have virus on your computer then use anti – virus software to remove it from your computer.
If you don’t know how to do it – get virus software. So why should you care for a registry cleaner? We all know that a registry cleaner does a lot for our computers but do we really understand what role a registry plays?

Step 8 msconfig. Minimize start up items with exe

Startup Items is a list of programs that will run automatically every time you start Windows. If you’ve recently installed any new apps, here’s a good chance to have them on your to-start list.

To speed up booting and reduce overall system use, you should look at your startup items and disable any programs that don’t require starting on every boot-up.
To do so, open system format by typing msconfig in start > run. Click the StartUp tab on the top row of tabs, check all the cells in System Configuration/Startup Box (right hand side), then click the Right button on the bottom of the window.

How To Fix When Your Computer Is Running Slow

In Windows, services control a lot of background processes that run on startup or when your computer is running. These include items like firewall, anti-virus software and backup.

If you have several opened simultaneously, they can greatly increase boat time and load time. To find out which ones you need and which you don’t, click on Cortana (WINKEY+S) and services to open.

A window opened will list all available services with status, startup type (automatic or manual), account (user or system) and name. The easiest way to cut down on what you really need is to have Windows force you to restart your machine. Click stop on every service until then.

Step 10 Driver Update / Update drivers using Rollback Rx

Often, computers have obsolete or misplaced drivers which can cause them to mostly slow down and crash. Using Driver Update, you will never have this issue again because it automatically searches for updates and direct them to Microsoft and other major hardware manufacturers like AMD, ATI, Intel,  from vodia, realtech semiconductor etc.

After this you can choose which driver you want to install on your computer. Moreover, using rollback rx ensures whether the driver cause any kind of problem in your computer You can quickly go back to the previous version of the driver without any effort.

How To Fix When Your Computer Is Running Slow


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