Kurulus Osman Episode 97 In Hindi Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Episode 97 In Hindi Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Episode 97 In Hindi Subtitles İlçin Hatun. Be very careful now. Bismillahirrahmanirrahim. Ya Şafi. Ya Şafi.  Allah Ya Şafi. Help us, Allah. Ya Şafi. Ya Şafi. Does your neck hurt, Ertuğrul? If you try to lower your head, or if you fall asleep and your head falls, the fork will stick in your throat and kill you. But then, if you stay like this, the pain will drive you insane. So I have given you two options, pain or death. Speak and be saved. What you call death.

Kurulus Osman Episode Nighty-seven In Hindi Subtitles

only gives me courage. If you want. you can tear me apart. You won’t see any pain in my face. I, however… will get to watch you go mad. for failing to bend me to your will. What glorious words. But not the words I wanted to hear. You will tell me what you took from Alıncak. His life? I fed him to the vultures. You’re only tormenting yourself by stretching this out. Tell me.

Kurulus Osman Bolum 97 In Hindi Subtitles

How is Sultan Keykavus involved? What’s inside the chest? If you want to know go after it. But your fate will be the same as all the others who tried to find it. Your fingers have been the ones pulling the strings. I’ll break those fingers. one by one. But you can’t have done it all by yourself. There’s a great power behind you. Who is that? True. There is.

My heart. My sword. And the gold What happened to it?

Did you send the gold that rightfully belonged to the Mongols to Berke Khan? Even if I knew where it was I wouldn’t tell you… I’d tell Arıkbuka. But then you’d try to kill him to get the gold anyway. Just like you tried to kill Alıncak. What are these black words scratching at my ear? Are you not going to tell him… that when we caught Alıncak, the first arrow to hit him was yours? Are you going to deny trying to kill him, Albastı? He’s right. I did. I did it to prevent Alıncak being taken captive.


So that he couldn’t expose our secrets. Anyone

in my place would have done the same. If Alıncak could be resurrected, he’d thank me. You know that. A true and honest word cuts as sharply as a knife. The arrow you fired at him pierced my heart too. But…you’re right. If you had let him live, and left him to the enemy, that would have been a crime. It’s clear that making you talk will be as difficult as turning steel into dust. But my strength has no limits. You will writhe in agony until the moment you run out of blood. Welcome,

Abdurrahman Alp. What is it? Thank you, İlbilge Hatun.

What is it? Is it something important? İlbilge Hatun, I’d rather discuss this with you in your tent. All right, come in. Go on. I’m listening. İlbilge Hatun. Ertuğrul Bey and our alps were ambushed. An ambush? What happened? We lost many alps. Ertuğrul Bey was captured and taken by the enemy. What enemy? Albastı. Albastı? How could he fall down a cliff with that wound and survive?

Mongol spies saved him. They were the ones

who attacked Ertuğrul Bey. They have Ertuğrul Bey now. Kurulus osman Episode 97 What are you saying, Abdurrahman Alp? He heaps more shame upon us. I’ll make him pay for this. But since Allah did not wish it, the knife did not cut Isaac. Now, without Allah’s will. kurulus osman episode 97 season 3 trailer that wound cannot kill you. Come, Turgut. Drink some water. Refresh your roots. Water is mercy. It’s a blessing. It is clean and it cleanses. It heals. The name “Hayy” means, “he who gives life to everything”. Drink in his name, Turgut. Drink in his name.

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day and the night. You light up the sky with the stars. With your unlimited power, you can create anything. You help with our hardships. You have a solution for every problem. kurulus osman episode 97 english subtitles Everything belongs to you. When Eyyub was hurt, his family feared that he would never recover from such grievous wounds.

But Eyyub himself did not give up hope and reached out to you. You were the one who healed him. Now heal this brave man who was willing to give his life. in the fight for your holy cause. You said… “Pray to me so that I may answer” Please answer our prayers, in the name of your messenger,

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