Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 35 With Hindi Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 35 With Hindi Subtitles

In this episode, Kurulus Osman and his team fight against the enemies that have been plaguing them for many years. They must use all their skills and training to defeat the enemy and return to their home country.

Kurulus Osman Returns to the Enemy’s Lair.

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 35 With Hindi Subtitles Kurulus Osman was last seen escaping the city in a hurry, leaving behind his pregnant wife and child. Since his departure, no one has heard from him or seen him again.

Who Is the Enemy

The enemy is a group of thugs who have taken over Kurulus Osman’s old militia unit. They are looking for someone to lead them to the city so they can start a war against the people.

What Are Their Plans

The enemy’s plans include overthrowing the government, taking over the city, and massacring its citizens. They also plan on getting revenge on Kurulus Osman for leaving them behind.


How Can Kurulus Osman Defeat the Enemy

Kurulus Osman will need to use all of his skills and ammunition to defeat the enemy and save his wife and child. He will also need to fight off any other enemies that may be present in the lair.

How to Defeat the Enemy.

The first step in defeating the enemy is to find their headquarters. This can be done by tracking them down and finding their hideouts, or by using your intelligence to find out where they are meeting or planning something.

Use Your Intelligence to Defeat the Enemy

Once you know where the enemy’s HQ is, it’s time to use your intelligence to defeat them. This could involve disabling their weapons or detection systems, or using your strength to knock them out or stop them from escaping.

Disable Their Weapons

Once you’ve defeated the enemy, it’s important to disable their weapons so that they can’t harm anyone else. This could involve severing power cables, breaking windows, or even shooting at them with precision shots from a distance.

Use Your Strength to Defeat the Enemy

Last but not least, use your strength against the enemy- this could include smashing windows, subduing them with forceps, or pushing them out of a building onto a busy street below。

Tips for Defeat of the Enemy.

staying aware of your surroundings is key in defeating the enemy. use your strength and speed to move around the battlefield and avoid being flanked, and use your skills to boost your allies or take out enemies with precision gunfire. if you are surrounded, create a diversion by attacking an allied unit or taking down an enemy objective. be prepared to use your intelligence to strategize and plan ahead, as well as make quick decisions when it matters most.

Use Your Strength and Speed

speed is key in battle, as enemies will quickly approach and try to flank you, making it difficult to stay alive long term. use this opportunity by running away or fighting at a distance, ensuring that you can reach safety before the enemy can catch up to you. be sure to use your strength wisely too; using brute force (or holding back) will often result in success against opponents who are more experienced and agile than you.

Use Your Skills

Use your skills efficiently to defeat the enemy. know how each unit works and choose the right moments to unleash your abilities – sudden attacks may not kill all of the enemies but they will certainly distract them from other parts of the battlefield where you may be able to objectives or survivors. also be careful not overuse any one ability – letting one skill work its way into overuse can lead to exhaustion or even death – instead try mixing and matching abilities so that each one is used sparingly and effectively.


Kurulus Osman is back and he’s ready to fight! Use your intelligence and skills to defeat the enemy, disable their weapons, and use your strength and speed to escape. Stay alert and make sure you’re always one step ahead of the enemy in order to win. Thanks for reading!

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