Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 43 With Hindi Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 43 With Hindi Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 43 With Hindi Subtitles Osman is crazy. Is this guy thinking of beating us with a bunch of guys? Low dog! Archers! Little lamb. Lamb lamb, sweet lamb with honey. Look, the wolf brother came too. Come wolf brother. The brother who loves hazes and is a comrade. The brother who is a guide on the roads. Dears the mystery is solved. The mystery is solved. The mystery of his office was solved. He read and read, the orphan of Mecca read. Get out of the way, he’s coming. His beautiful name comes from Muhammed, who is beautiful.

He read and read, the orphan of Mecca read.

There are ways. I’ve pretty much cleared my heart my mind. You didn’t exist, you made it. You existed, you disappeared. Neither existence nor non-existence, the essential is unity. The union is a big state. Hu to the statehood! Hu to the state! This gate is the state gate. This door is the door of the man. With unopened wrist. With an unbreakable mind. Require heart. Threes, sevens, forties, one-in-forty hello to you! We have our state.

May the world be full of light.

Let the walking soldier become a state to the world. Have a nice welcome. We’re welcome. Please sit down. Lamb, sweet lamb let’s see. God created man. He gave her mind and heart. The ornament of the mind is the language the ornament of the language is the word. I heard it’s the truth. From nothing, everything that exists will perish. When you say this is life, it will come and go like the wind. I heard it’s the truth. But if one’s son holds his two realms in his hands he finds peace. A gentleman becomes blessed as long as he abides by the custom. When a gentleman,


the Great Calap bestows a blessing,

that gentleman both the nation and the state are not happy. I heard, it’s the truth. Now it’s time to unlock the heart to sharpen the mind. I was invited to the peace. I came to the white sofa. Our aim is to re-heat our stove. Your trouble is also known ..yourself. But you do you know you? Forgive me if I’m wrong. Understanding moments, knowledgeable knows. The one who knows, gets his wish. In other words, the cloak you wear the horse you ride on the mattress you lie on the road you walk, the dream you dream are not yours. Time is not yours.

The place is not yours. The son is not yours. The breath is not yours.

Who is it? It belongs to the nation. It is the nation’s. Cihan is on fire. It is destroyed. It disperses. The devil’s army strikes as he strikes the more he kills. People expect hope from us. He wants us to stand up. So how do we do it? As a Turk by remaining Islamic. This is not everyone’s job, it’s the job of the individual. From my ancestor Oghuz to Saltuk Buğra Han All our greetings to the sultan of the worlds Hazrat Muhammad and his companions. Osman, son of Ertuğrul the devil’s army burns the world. The Turkish army establishes order.

We will establish such a state that the lamb and wolf will be other brothers.

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 43 With Hindi Subtitles May my soul be sacrificed for this state. Let my heart and mind be sacrificed for this state. Now our saga begins. You came, we met. We met, we dreamed. Our first duty is to make our nation dream of a state. Let this be such a dream seventy-two nations seven climates four parishes so that they can meet in that dream. Let this be such a dream that the world of sentences can find peace.

We consumed this article in Domaniç Plateau.

Time passes quickly, thank God our animals got fat. Our chicks also gathered grass in the creek. His winter coats were ready. Who is this? Are you Joseph? Come on! I’m stuck in blind wells. Hassan is you. who? Who are these hands? These hands these iron hands my little blacksmith master, the hands of my beautiful Ahmet. Let them eat your hands who collects your wildflowers my valiant Ahmet.

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