Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 44 With Hindi Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 44 With Hindi Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 44 With Hindi Subtitles Gonca Hatun give Ahmet your treat. Here you go. Have you collected your load? I helped my father, but the work was not over. We have more work. We could only move after the caravan left. Why? My father said things would have gone faster if my mother had lived. What day will we stay, Ahmet? We will certainly help. Gonca come on, you guys go first, I’ll take care of this and come. Come on Ahmet let’s go. Let’s race, who will win? Come on. oh ah! The scent of children is the scent of heaven, my Bala. Ahmet is an orphan.

Every time I look at him, my heart aches.

That’s why your yufka heart cries out for motherhood. It’s been a long time, honey, my daughter married Osman Bey. Besides, it’s time to hold your own child in your arms. Besides Osman is his son. Without Bala, without children he can never be. Hazal Hatun is my Lord, who gives and takes. Of course it is it is. But make an effort too. If not, find a solution. Look the people are talking. That Bala Hatun will not have a baby. They will enter Osman’s mind the day after tomorrow. It’s the private part his patience runs out fast. You’ll see you’re sharing your tent with another chick. If it’s in my destiny I’ll live it too.

I am your mother, my daughter. Tell me if you have a problem.

It is my duty to seek a remedy. Let’s take this caravan to Söğüt we’ll talk for a long time. Hopefully. Mashallah my lion my mashallah! My Ahmet Alp, no, where are you in such a hurry? Boran Alp, get out of our way, we will catch up with my father. Let me handle it, then, come on. Gonca Hatun will help, you will not be missing. It’s enough for the Alps to do their job. Thank you, Ahmet Alp, thank you. Come here. Come on. My lion, come on. Until we migrate, my bey will reach the camp, right, brother? I hope it arrives. Hopefully. Father father Your father is a victim to you.


I brought Gonca Hatun to you so that we could gather quickly.

Thank you, sister. Is it okay, Hasan Brother? Come on, let’s get to work right away. There is a raid! Come on, treat the spears. Ahmet. Let’s take out the pusats. I entrust it to you. This year’s onion was very bitter, emmi. Will the place where the Mongol set foot be blessed, my nephew? I hope when those jackals leave our country onions will be old onions, don’t worry. I have about fifty Frankish soldiers as well as the nöker who escaped Geyhatu’s wrath. They, like me, look for gentlemen to rent out their pusats. Why should we rent pusats from men like you, Cerkutay? I heard that you have collapsed in Kulacahisar.

Byzantium will grind its teeth at you. Geyhatu is after you to hold accountable.

You need warriors like us. Before we rent our purses to your enemies for the sake of our old friendship I came to you first. I’m making the first offer to you. Daddy daddy! Father! Father! Come here, don’t run away. Bala Hatun! Ahmet. Leave! We have nothing to do with the marauders who fled the battlefield when they saw the difficulty who betrayed their own army . It’s okay. There is an offer insist, no. Mister mister! No, Saltuk, what is this state of yours?

Tekfur Alexis raided those who would return from the plateau.

We have many children, we have lost a lot, sir. What do you say, Saltuk? Hazal Hatun, where is Bala Hatun? The alp who brought the news said he didn’t know where they were, sir. So the sentence Cihan wants to come at us. Let that time come. Send these from Söğüt too. If they ever show up again Come on. Help the injured. Look at the wounded. A water for God’s sake. Look at the wounded. Come on. Bismillah. Ahmet Ahmet I am Ahmet! Ahmet Alp Ahmet Alp the valiant is to give up, alp is to lose hope.

Osman Bey will save us all, my lion.

He will save. I am Osman Bey’s alpi. Am I going to bow down to these cowards, Boran Alp? Hey mashallah my lion. Get up. We are Osman Bey’s alps. We are Osman Bey’s alps.. Father! Father! Hey! The long-suffering and suffering people of Inegol how long have you been unable to sleep? How long have you been waiting in fear?

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