Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 45 With Hindi Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 45 With Hindi Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 45 With Hindi Subtitles When you heard what happened in Kulacahisar, you were devastated. Cruel Osman and his men burned our brothers alive. They slaughtered unborn babies, and as if that wasn’t enough, they burned our churches. Everywhere those barbarians set foot turned into a bloodbath. I Inegol Tekfuru Alexis from today, I bring you peace. I took such revenge on those barbarians that they will never forget it for the rest of their lives. They went through all the pain we went through.

Lying idiot! Hey! Hey hey! Where is Osman? Where is Osman?

We want to drink wine from Osman’s head. Allahu Akbar. Allahu Akbar. I promise you. That barbarian’s head will cheer our spear. I promise you. All the castles those demons have taken will be ours again. Bless you! Download them to the kilim shop, not here. No, Göktuğ? Sir we were raided in Domaniç Plateau. What do you think? Who, which saying? Tekfuru of Inegol Alexis. What is our loss? We have a great loss, sir. Come on come on! Where was my mom when I was raiding? Where is my Gunduz Bey?

What would the privates do? What would they do?

Hold on, hold on brothers. Thank you sir, thank you. Hopefully we will get through this. Hold on bro, hold on. Sir Just say it. Bala Hatun What happened? Bala Hatun is injured, sir. honey. honey. honey. My main heart is a place of fire. It’s good though. Thank God, our daughter is healthy. honey. Osman. I’m Osman. I’m Bala. My heart. my self. Osman. I am her. Ahmet. Ahmet. What happened to Ahmet? They were captured. He was captured in Boran.

Ahmet is motherless, Osman. Don’t put it in blind wells.

Save me from hell. You should never be worried. By Allah’s leave I will make this world narrow for them. Now rest. You should rest so that Ahmet sees you in good health when he reunites with you. I’m Bala. Walk! Forward! Walk! Why did they bring us here when they were mowing everyone? They want to use our dead or alive. Brother do not resist them. Stand straight, but don’t bend. Did you understand? Think of your child. We will get Ahmet out of here. Come on. My Ahmet, stay between us, my lion. My lion, let’s see. We will not resist, you understand?


I wanted to see you in this mouse hole. So you are the closest alps of Osman, huh?

We are like his soul more than his life, evelallah. Were you with him in Kulacahisar too? Thank God my Lord has blessed us to be veterans in this conquest. Osman Where is Osman? He knows the dagger to rip out his liver . Father. Father. Dad, get up, dad.  Father. Ahmet. Father. Dad, get up, dad. Drop dead! Leave. Lets go. I will give these two to Osman as a gift from Kulacahisar. Father. There is no family that does not have a martyr.

Deyyus even murdered the pregnant bride of İlyas Sergeant.

How did we fall into such a trap? How? The time is not the time to be destroyed by the y of the defeat, brother. My Osman tells the truth, my nephew. You pack up. It is time to ignite the fire of vengeance. You’re right, emmi, when and how? Tomorrow. Tooth for tooth, blood for blood. Does Oban have a need, Osman? Is there a cure in our men and strength in our women? Let’s stop for a moment think about it, nephew. What are we going to think? If we don’t act now, we’ll never get up again.

We’ll send the oba to death on sight, Osman.

Let’s take a breath, get stronger, get stronger. Let blood come to our soldiers, let our hearts come to life, my nephew. If your mind was working so skillfully you would not be ambushed, you would have taken the precautions. If we have a weakness they have it too. After a long time, they raided us and dealt a heavy blow. Now they are all intoxicated with victory. Osman probably thinks that we are intoxicated with victory right now. We are. From now on, no one will drink a single sip.

Everyone will forget the blow we inflicted on Kayilar. Everyone will remember the persecution in Kulacahisar. Down with those who forget their murdered babies our fallen saints. Be the friend of the forgotten demons.

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