Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 46 With Hindi Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 46 With Hindi Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 46 With Hindi Subtitles What’s on your mind? We will attack before they have a chance to recover. If we even let them breathe we’re feeding our own monster. We will deal with them tomorrow. It will be such a great battle that all our saints will rise from their graves to join our army. Jesus will descend from heaven to be our commander. With troops from Constantinople he strengthened his army. No doubt. TRUE. But every army has a weakness.

His army rested. The faith of his soldiers also increased.

True, it will shake us a lot. But their beliefs will be their biggest trouble. Osman most of the alps are injured and exhausted. We raise their souls. We will be balm for your wounds. Selamun aleykum. Aleykum salam. What is the situation, Master Davut? Although I know the horses are not in good condition are injured. They captured most of them in their purses. How many pusats do you make in the morning? If you are going to take revenge on the enemy, I will pusat every iron you see, Osman Bey. Let’s take revenge quickly.

The way we will go out for revenge, so that we do not have defeat.

Revenge is a dish best served cold, my nephew. Even if it doesn’t come today it will certainly come tomorrow. Dundar Bey is beaten in the iron temper. Let’s strike fast so that their victory is not permanent. Let’s take a quick life so that we do not fear our defeat.Spell out the pussats in such a way that our victory will circulate in epic languages. I’m on top of my head, sir. How are your wounds bro? Not as deep as in my heart. Now listen to me carefully. Thanks.


Osman tells the truth. But if we lose, we have to come back.

All that effort, all that struggle, all that suffering will be wasted. I wish we had sent word to my brother, Yavlak Arslan. He would come to help with his veterans. We have tens of broken alps. Let the war tomorrow not be our disaster. Be good, girl. Tomorrow, such a storm will break out over those infidels My Lord, who did not leave his valiants alone in Badr , will come to our aid with his angels. Oh my god! Then let’s start the preparations.

If you don’t build a castle out of those bald heads for me tomorrow

I swear I’ll be out of this world. Be there, honey. be there. You have given glory to my room again. be there. Be tomorrow wow. Osman is thirsty for his life. He invites our tekfur to war to die. Osman will die. Sentinels! Sentinels! I knitted his armor in such a way that I clenched his teeth in such a way that I clamped your iron loop by loop, sir. As a shield against spears thirsting for blood. For every drop of blood they spill for every life they take and for Ahmet I will make this world narrow for them.

My Alps if we fall the nation will fall. If we get tired the state collapses.

If we win the enemy trembles. My Alps for the sake of the love of the few the ones that make the hearts a lot the ones that please the hearts today to be exhausted to get tired to falter to give up is forbidden. The day is gaza day. Come on. Oh God! Allahu Akbar. Ahmet Alp Ahmet Alp do you see didn’t I tell you that my Osman Bey will come? Osman is crazy. Is this guy thinking of beating us with a bunch of guys? Mr. Osman! Low dog! Don’t stop, brothers.

Move left and right. Archers! Goktug come on! Die Osman! Attack! Protect Ahmet.

Come on lions! Allahu Akbar! Attack! Master Davut, when do you think the news will come, Master Davut? How should I know man? Hopefully good news will come. People expect hope from us. They want us to stand up. How will we succeed? (As a Turk, remaining Islam) May my soul and blood be sacrificed for this state. No one should touch the captives. You treat the injured. They didn’t do that to us, sir. They vomited blood. Let’s be different. Let us be different the prophet of mercy to be proud of us. Thank you sir. Thanks. Praise be to you my Lord. All the best. Praise be to you.

O Lord you gave us strength you gave us heart. We were weak, you made mighty. We were short you did a lot.

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