Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 50 With Hindi Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 50 With Hindi Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 50 With Hindi Subtitles God’s punishment! Your death is coming, Osman. Great Caesar my first morning as tekfur. I couldn’t sleep with excitement. We have so much work. I must start with the castle first. Well, I like order the public’s morale is very low. If I can’t make my soldiers believe in my own dreams everything will be turned upside down. I learned this from you. I have an aide who is a candidate to become Mark Antony. His name is Flatyos. I am very hopeful for him. Huh, this man Flatyos. Great Caesar with your permission.

Are we getting good news today, Flatyos?

You’re in a hurry, Nikola. Because I want to give my people a taste of victory as soon as possible. The first signs began to appear. Your breakfast is ready, sir. So delicious. Congratulations. That’s what I loved. Whatever happened to us has already come from spies in our service. When will the flying fire come, Flatyos? I’m waiting tomorrow, Nikola. Kayı Obası is going to burn like hell. Mister, set me free. I want to be a martyr and meet my brother. But hook together, brother together. For the sake of my martyred brother, get out of here, sir.

Go. Don’t let it get away. Goktug. Goktug. Tie it up, be quick.

We’ll go after it. Our Ertuğrul Bey came once. Look even the flying birds saluted. The big sycamore hopefully he will not suffer from the pain of a child and he will meet his Osman. Say no, say no. Do you know the Goth War, Flatyos? I don’t know. Can a man who does not know history become a soldier? Remind me tonight and let me tell you about Caesar’s struggle with the Goths. What is the need? When I find out, will Ertuğrul’s head be mine? Who does not know history, does not know victory, Flatyos. It’s worth learning then.


There is no dignity in these sayings.

Eat all those swords give all the prisoners then come to the brim. Peh! What an honor, Flatyos? We came to an agreement with Osman we saw Ertuğrul Bey before us. Young man if you aspire to be a tyrant in this land you will know very well who you will meet on the way to the town. I like advice great Turkmen gentleman. Every word you say is experience. Earrings are also in our ears. Do you want captives? We want our citizens. What did you bring? We do not give animals under this gold. From warrior to merchant.

I know the mood of the trader well.

If you don’t send double that by tomorrow I’ll behead the prisoners. Ertugrul Bey is this the custom in Islam? You pray to our custom. Otherwise, my Osman would have made a mountain out of your head. Really where is Osman? He’s getting a head. The amount you want by tomorrow is yours. Let him reach the evening prayer. You talked too much, old man. You never kept quiet when you killed my father. Now is your time to shut up.

We hope for peace, Ertugrul Bey. We want to repair our relationship that

Tekfur Alexis has damaged. How is the mood in Constantinople? When the Emperor heard of the defeat was he grieved? He felt sorry for those who died on both sides. Tell your emperor to remember Caesar’s war with Pompeo well. It will be needed one day. From goat’s milk? It is lifeblood. Enjoy your meal. How did you do that, Nikola? flatios You bowed before my father’s murderer. You paid him your respects. You praised him. Flatyos! I entered that room to make an agreement with Gündüz. I was going to say either Kulacahisar or war.

What would you expect me to do when you see that

old man standing in front of me? Do you think this sudden return of Ertuğrul will prevent us from our path, Flatyos? flatios Years ago Ertuğrul was going to kill the Tekfur of Karacahisar. My father stood before him to protect him. They hit. I could see everything from where I was hiding in the castle. How my father fought fought to protect the castle. With each blow he inflicted deep wounds on my father. Just like the wounds on my flesh. I wanted to shout. I wanted to beg at your feet not to kill my father. But I couldn’t, Nikola. I couldn’t do it.

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