Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 51 With Hindi Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 51 With Hindi Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 51 With Hindi Subtitles My father fell to his knees from the blows he received. His eyes never leave my mind even for a moment. Then he turned and said to Ertuğrul don’t think that you won the victory, Ertuğrul Bey. The war is just beginning. But the sarcastic expression in Ertuğrul’s eyes. I I dream of my father’s death every night. Nightly. I promise you. Neither your father nor our brothers will be left on the ground. We’ll gnaw them like mice. We will smash like lions. Don’t think we lost this war. The war is just beginning,

Flatyos. Selamunaleykum Hasan Emmi.

Aleykum salam. Where should they put the goods? Put it here, my Gonca girl. Behave alps come on. Be there, girl. Be there for you, Hasan Emmi. I hope you’re welcome. Mice haunted Söğüt. You see dead mice in every shop. Don’t touch it. This is no wonder. Wait for news from me. Nobody should touch the mice. My God I hope it doesn’t happen to us that I’m afraid. Hazal turned into a genie. Once you get out of the caged tent it will be up to me to put out your fire.

Saltuk find a master and make a beautiful bracelet.

Over my head, sir. Sir My Bey Dundar What is your fuss, my daughter? my lord rats have invaded Söğüt. Guess the snakes will be fed. Bring the dough. But many of the mice are dead. Hazafazanallah if they carry a disease woe to Söğüt. Saltuk gather the people quickly. He used to say, “Let’s solve this disease before it grows”. Sir you are road tired. I learned that you like buttermilk very much. If you take two bites. My daughter does not eat alone at the gentleman’s table. Blessings are gone.


Two people from the people wait at the door for destur. Who are they? In case you have questions I invited Blacksmith Davut and Pottery İdris Bey, sir. Why are they? I thought the blacksmith knows the might of the country knows his valiants. The potter also knows the dexterity of the chicks who shape the soil. Then it’s a duty for you I’m on top of my head, sir. make Hazal talk. Learn everything he knows. Here you are. Who are you man? Have you seen a wounded Turk around here? Do you know, do you know? Do you even know? What man what?

Those whose skins are burning in fire whose mattresses are embers.

What are you saying, confused? Come on. Walk animal walk. Walk, animal, walk. Go animal. You will taste it. By Allah, you will taste it, you will taste it too. You will drink boiling water and produce pus. You will eat fruit from oleander and fill your stomach with the devil. Don’t get involved, sir. He is one of the Abdalans. Trouble rains on us. If you show up again I’ll take that head. Death is right. Death is right. So the task fell to my beautiful daughter Bala. When Zöhre was going to poison my wedding day with blood and poison us all you became a cure-all. Thank god.

Your breath to take means you have something to say.

Osman is a man. Iqbale loves it. Iqbali is hostile to his fans. Ah, my naive Bala. Who doesn’t know what to say what to ask questions whose heart and mind is at odds my beautiful daughter. My Bala, who has been oppressed by the heavy burden of Mr. Ertuğrul. You well know that if Osman had been poisoned and died I had also had killed Zöhre then .. .I would have killed two birds with one stone. I know, even though he knows days pass nights pass human beings today say black to what he says white Has your line changed in the past time, Hazal Hatun?

Finally, there is a woman worthy of the Turkish obsession a Turkish

honeymoon before me. My Bala my beautiful daughter I I come from the sons of Shepherds. I would say if he had a passion for power Dündar my Dundar when he took Zöhre into his bosom this observant . ..I would be devastated. Thanks. I will send you food. Thanks. I have only one wish from you. Let’s say to my Ertuğrul Bey that he’s come from my eyes are on you. But she threw me in this cage accused me of my nephew’s Osman’s trap other Hazal is a walking corpse. Oba came to life, sir. Did we see you alive like this I swear Crazy David speaks all the iron. How is the wrist and heart of my Alps?

Beating to the beat, strength in your wrists life came to their hearts,

sir. Black Osman keeps our alps alive. We’ve been through a lot of hardships while you were gone, sir. We’re back at the end of the rope. Osman and Dündar could not stand upright even though Gündüz became one. They rowed in the seas of sedition. God looked at us and we went to safety. This is the gentleman’s room. The mind will speak, the heart will speak. What is the condition of our sisters women? Their hands weave rugs their hearts build a home. Our urns are full.

They make their daughters and sons happy.

Is there anyone in the lands of my dominion who raises his hand to cruelty to his wife? I swear we didn’t hear, we didn’t hear, sir. I glad to hear that news. Sorry sir but despite all the trouble why are you happy with this news? We endure trouble we bring the enemy to his knees. But if our nests fall apart our ladies and men forget our purpose and surrender to the devil woe to us.

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