Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 52 With Hindi Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 52 With Hindi Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 52 With Hindi Subtitles We play the yeast in the family. A nation that cannot protect the family has lost the future. Hafazanallah. Hafazanallah.  Sir we heard our Osman Bey. What coyotes could have given us this puss? He’s going to push the dog. As for Osman I raised him. He will make the world narrow for them. I don’t have an iota of doubt. My Lord is with the righteous. Thanks. Where did this man go? Otherwise, he must not have hidden it. They can’t be too far away. They must have gone into the woods.

You won’t be able to get rid of me, Osman. Let’s go back.

Where are you, Osman? You will look under every stone. We won’t be back until we find him. Sir who will you take him to? Why is it so important? God’s whip wants it. If we don’t find Osman and take him to that murderer he will eat our meat raw. disperse. You will look under every stone. We’re not going back to that hellhole until we find him. Come on. You won’t be able to get rid of me, Osman. My dear fire, beautiful fire the fire that saved the Prophet Abraham may you be a cure for our troubles. Let’s see, son.

It’s time to turn the pain into honey.

Ya Hayyu or Trustee. Ya Hayyu or Trustee. Goktug. He’s dressed like my father. His turban his ziggiri is the same. What happened here? The raven trapped us. He was here too. Where is Osman? My lord is alive. But he is injured. During the shooting, they captured me. I couldn’t go after them. The raven dog obviously knew my Osman Bey well. He got his job done. Raven is after my lord with his men.


Let’s get going quickly. Gündüz Bey if Yavlak Arslan is involved in this

My father will not hesitate to open the third front after the Mongols and Byzantium. That’s why we will find Tez Osman and return to the camp. Are you okay? I am good. Let’s go to the alps. Come on. Come on. Justice forever freedom forever. Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar! We gave our backs to the mountain, son. We are safe. Even if we are not veterans, we know how to take precautions. I owe you a life. Can you have a debt? Thanks. How do you know me? If we don’t know about you these eyes, these ears won’t this fur on our backs offend us? It is marrow juice, it gives strength to your hands and waist.

They trapped the idiots. Well, you broke it. I have to report to Obama.

What are you going to do, bey son? My father they may have set him up. Yavlak Arslan may have ridden the camp. Bey’s son they will raid, they will also lure him into a trap. The devil is doing his job. If there is a soldier, if there is a valiant they have already made the devil kneel. You don’t worry. Just get stronger. Is my wound deep? Majnun’s was deeper. How do you know about Majnun’s wound? I treated him just like you. You don’t believe me, do you? You know. I’ll ask Mecnun.

Why? I rescued him from the tribes. It’s true.

You are the man in love. Everything is in lovers. A heart without love is like a stone. The vile idiot is looking for us now. Sooner or later it will find us. I don’t pick up pusat but I won’t hunt you down for them either. Let me tell the cranes what I have in mind so they are ready. Thanks. We will hunt them. In honor of our Father Jesus, is olive oil ready for our monastery? My father prepared it specially for you. Enjoy your meal. Salute to Master Ariton. God help us. You also have the monk.

Your fig is like honey. You deserved this. Here you go.

Get this now continue your trade. Why don’t you stay in the kitchen and help your father with his chores? I can’t be stuck within the walls of the palace, sir. I like candor. Your olives are beautiful. I sell everywhere, not just in this market, sir. While the Turks receive one-fifth tax you pay one-third? Is this why our brothers like to shop with Turks? Not only that, sir. They never cheat. The people of Inegol the people of Inegol your former ruler and their presumptuous commanders ..have tortured you. They threw you into the arms of the Turks. Is it correct? TRUE. From now on our brothers will not be thrown into the arms of the enemy.

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