Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 53 With Hindi Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 53 With Hindi Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 53 With Hindi Subtitles First of all taxes in İnegöl will decrease by one-fifth. Now get back to work work harder. Work harder earn more. Never never remember that we are the true owners of this land. It was a good move. You shot the Turks with your own gun. Not a move the truth. We fight for this miserable people, Flatyos. Moreover, this is just the beginning. Thanks God. May Allah make us one in the hereafter. Amine. Amen amen.

You look like you want to migrate fast. We have a nomadic spirit.

We met Osman. Crazy colts run through his veins. What about the Prosecutor? More cautious, more vigilant. What is that old man I think you have the Prosecutor in your heart? Almighty God blessed me with three children. Dad, my heart does not want to separate any of them. What about your heart? The world of testing says let the strong win, let the living one gain strength let the one who has a heart become famous. You have spoken, Ertugrul. What is the world of the world? The world is dusty.

At the end of the tunnel a light appears to us.

The seeds we planted in the Mongolian army have grown . They fell for each other. We must make good use of this opportunity. If we save Anatolia the land of Turkestan will rise. What is on us? To dream of tomorrow. First dream, then action. It’s true. Victory is such that it will continue after you. The day is evening. We’re here today, we’re gone tomorrow. Let him decide who will settle in the private tent Ertuğrul Gazi.


You should start the exam. Mashallah how well it suits my Ahmet.

Bala Hatun we say martyrs don’t die Hey, I was brave. since my father is not dead he is alive tell him to come. My Ahmet Alp he will not come to us. We will go to him. Let’s go now then. My Ahmet come. He was martyred now he is in a very high office. In order for us to come into his presence we must prepare. Is it higher than the brain rank? Even higher than the sultan. either. On the slope of our Prophet. So if you want to reunite with your father you have to be a hero like him.

Gonca Hatun. What happens here? We will prepare to go to my father.

I could meet my father too. Ahmet look this horse is for you. Bala an illness can arise in Söğüt at any time. Trouble falls on us like rain. Lord, protect us. Is there a destur, sir? Sir my Ertuğrul Bey is there any destur, sir? Sir. I’m Ertugrul Bey. Alps where is our lord? Bala Hatun was in the tent. Do you sleep here, where is our lord? Bala Hatun did not even step outside. Where did our lord come from then? Search everywhere. Don’t let anyone know. Even in a dream, they do not put the man comfortably. You can take the tree out of your bosom now, Osman Bey.

But you did. The mystery is solved. The mystery is solved.

It is not possible for everyone to dream. The wisdom in the world is in a dream. I told you Yusuf saw the dream and Jacob Baba listened to the dream. The star in the sky the fiery sun and the shining moon prostrate to Yusuf. Dad was startled. Dad trembled. Nobody knew that Jacob was trembling inside. The star, the sun, the moon will prostrate, but is it easy? Let’s see, they said. First throw yourself into blind wells sold in slave markets sleep in dungeons we will of course prostrate to you.

Osman Bey, you will be happy that I have a dream,

but you don’t know what will happen to you. Man is as much as his dream. Since we had a dream since we were covered in blood in the sea of love si ce we aspire to this path th pain is also pleasant ..the pleasure is also pleas nt. Ya Hay. Ya Hay. I hope it is good. Blessings have come to Oba, Master Davut. It’s like your eyes are going to pop out. If the number of people increases the cuter gets a dollar. Well, of course it will fill up, master ..but it’s halal. You are welcome.

Since you came out of my father’s tent like a daughter you must be Bala Hatun. My Ertuğrul Bey remembered me as his daughter. I hope you will find a brother soon. We are happy that Osman Bey brings a bride befitting for himself and for our lord’s blessed tent .

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