Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 55 With Hindi Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 55 With Hindi Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 55 With Hindi Subtitles What’s going on, Prosecutor? What does it say? Nikola’s demon is already on the move. He brings ammunition from Byzantium. He will stack up and attack. We should definitely get this ammunition. Do you know what blessing is, son? Ertuğrul Bey. My father had a sword around my waist when I was five years old. I know your father. He was a man. He was a brave man. It keeps its valiant reputation alive. The [ __ ] kills the treachery. What news do you have? My sister invited me a lot.

I tucked Hazal into a caged tent. Don’t even make a move.

I came alone to be a father. If this is your paternity how long is your hostility, Ertuğrul Bey? The door doesn’t lock. Instead of preoccupying with roosters, chickens, worms keep the front of your skirt clean. What do you say, sir? Which proverb will betray me by being a dog? You will know. You will see. Where is the raven? He went to support our veterans in the raid. He trapped Osman and set up an ambush. What do you say, sir? Kuzgun is my special brother. Don’t let us get involved in the games of your own tribe [ __ ].

It’s my last word. The door doesn’t lock. This is your advice. The trick is to find the white hair in the milk. Allow me. [Donkey voice] It’s coming from this way. Be quiet. This way. We found it on the ground while searching in the sky. I expected the strength to load the wood on the donkey. You became my Khidr. Let Khidr whine sing it out. The trap is not like that that’s how it’s set up. My Bey Bala Hatun entered the caged tent by order of Ertuğrul Bey. It is unclear what they were talking about. Oh brother ah! He doesn’t trust me.


Well any news from the potters? Nobody messes with nobody.

Saltuk where are these doctors? We have news all over the place, sir. Surely someone will come along. Do you have a destur, sir? Come on, nephew. Selamunaleykum emmi. And aleykum salam. Welcome, Prosecutor. You are welcome. In these dark days you came as white, my nephew. Thank you emmi. I am aware of what happened. We will find the source of this disease ..we will root it out. Be happy. But I have other important news for you. Tell me who’s dog are you huh? Who are you pushing? Who do you push? What happened?

Did you hurt a lot, Osman? You will talk. Talk. Like this. Talk. Brother.

Sir. Thank you. Brother. Thank you very much, sir. Siblings. Thank God, sir. Sir thank you very much. Thank god. Göktuğ how is your wound, are you okay? I’m fine, sir. How are you? Are you okay? I am good. Thank god.  Look at my Osman. Lion piece. He is not here, but my nephew’s soul is here. We must raid and take it before the flying fire reaches it, emmi. Definitely. Nikola may be behind all this trouble.

He is definitely the head of the evil alliance.

Since the Emperor sent it himself he must be a very skilled demon. But I can’t leave this place. The disease is widely spread. The people need us. Two men are enough for me, emmi. Have a blessed Ghazan. The longing smolders in my heart. Let’s just say is it good? How is his health? Good brother good. Very good, thank you. Masallah. Obama is waiting for you. Osman you should say what happened? They trapped us. Hypocritical dog! lena. Hazal Hatun. I know everything. Is there any news about Ertuğrul Bey?

Where he is no one knows where he’s going. He went to ask my brother for an account.

I know Ertuğrul Bey very well. If my brother can’t convince him that he wasn’t involved in what happened to Osman Bey a lot of blood will be shed after him. Don’t think about them now. Let’s talk a little bit. I brought you food. What does the prosecutor say about these things? He suspects the jackal called Nikola. I heard it was Tekfur. Yes. My father was a physician in Karacahisar. He had cured her once, too. That’s when I realized what a hypocritical devil he was. Hazal Hatun she couldn’t have come here to act as a trustee. He is the emperor’s most important commander. This rice removes more water.

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